Best Friend's Brother

Telisha was alone. That was until the Wallers moved in, a family of six, 4 children, two adults. She quickly becomes friends with the only girl, Darci. 1 year has passed and Telisha's graduated from High school, only to find she developed feelings for Darci's eldest brother. Will this ruin their frendship?



******CHARACTERS ******
Telisha Perez - 18, Brown hair, brown eyes.

Christian Waller - 19 , Blonde hair, Blue eyes.

Darci Waller - 17, Dyed pastel pink hair, grey eyes.

Max Waller - 9, Blonde hair, Grey eyes.

Susan Perez - 34, Brown hair, Blue eyes.

Alex Waller - 13,  Brown hair, Green eyes.

Leanne Waller - 32, Blonde hair, Blue eyes.

John Waller - 35, Brown hair, Grey eyes.

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