The New Boy In Glee *Sam Evans*

Lilly Pierce is Britney's sister she is in glee club and is the head cheerleader. And when Sam joins glee club will she start to have feelings for him? I DONT OWN GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2. First day back at school

Lilly POV


I walked through the halls of mckinnley on my way to my first and favourite class glee club! I walked in to the choir room and sat down, I got there early so as I waited for the others to arrived I looked around around the room remembering all of the dramatic, and happy moments that happend last year. Then everyone started coming in to the choir room and taking their seats. Then Mr. Shoe made a speech about getting new people to join glee club because Matt transferred to another school. Then he told us that nationals were in new york and that to get more people to join so we were going to perform empire state of mind in fromt of the whole school! So at lunch we performed the song and a saw a really cute blond boy tapping his foot. The rest of my day was uneventfull I had cheerios practise spanish and a few other classes then I went home and went to bed.

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