It's been 3 years ....

Harry was always the school's Nerd unlike Maddie who wasn't popular but had a good amount of friends One day Harry ask's Maddie out she is not sure if she should say yes or no. Harry and her make a deal after 3 years when there both 19 years old they will date what happens after the 3 years are up will harry still be his nerdy self or will he be different ...Read to find out !


3. Speechless


Maddie's POV-

Hailey went home i looked in the mirror i was wearing sweatpants and A pale blue tee. I went upstairs To get dressed in different clothes i am going to go talk to harry. I went upstairs and put on some skinny jeans and a spongebob top on I got some sandals And put them on i curled my hair and Put some makeup on. I thought i looked pretty good so i went down stairs And when i was about to grab my phone Harry called I picked up 


Hey Maddie do you mind coming over ?

no problem i was just about to call you and see if i could i said 

Ha well um my address Is ....

After he gave me his address i Wrote it down and Hopped in my car and Headed over to his house .

When i pulled up to his house it was HUGE! 

I got out and Walked up to the door and rang the door bell. Harry answered it Hi he said Letting me come in i walked in and said hi back to him You have a big house i said looking at the inside. 

Well it's my mom and dads House i live here wi- Before he could finish there was 4 boys running down the stairs All laughing and scream like 10 year olds who are having a sleepover for the first time. They all stopped when they saw me Hi! said one of the boys Hi i said Harry then looked at the boys umm i kinda need to talk to Maddie for a minute so can you guys go ? 

Sure Mate we will be upstairs the one boy said he sounded very mature for his age 

Sorry Maddie that was my friends Louis ,Liam ,Niall and Zayn they live here too he said I nodded 

Go ahead and take a seat he said i sat down on the couch and He sat down next to me So Why did you want me to come over i asked him. 

Well i'm just going to say it Maddie i want you to be my girl friend I love you and i have for forever please will you be my girlfriend i remember the day we made the deal about how in 3 years we would date eachother if we still had feelings for eachother So do you have feelings for me ? 

I was speechless My heart sank I mean i did have a few feelings for him but not like he has for me i don't know what to  say I mean Hailey said to go for it but i don't know Harry I said I think i have a bit of feelings for you i said Smiling. A Wide grin came on his face We were heading into a kiss when my phone rang I answered it 


Hello is this Maddie Stars ? 

Yes this is she 

Okay we need you to coem to your old house right away.

Okay i'll be there right away i hung up the phone and looked at Harry i got to go like now I said getting up shaking and grabbing my car keys harry stood up No let me drive where are we going  My old house i said He knew where that was because he use to tutor me in school sometimes We hopped in the car and harry hit the gas ..

When we got there there was Police cars and ambulances everywhere i got out and ran But i couldn't go inside cause a police man stopped me. Sorry ma'am can't go in there Please i'm Maddie Maddie Stars i use to live here this is my house The police man looked at me I showed him my i.d too and he believed me What happened i asked him 

your mom and dad had a bad fight And umm Your your mom died i'm sorry 

i fell to the ground and cried harry came rushing to me it's going to be fine Maddie don't worry I stood up and ran to the officer Is is My little sister okay ? i asked quickly the police man nodded 

You now have to take care of her until she is old enough to move out which means when she's 18 

I looked at him I'm 19 i can't take care of a child yet I said in a panic 

Well theres always Adoption said the police man said 

No no never just wheres my sister i said with my voice cracking He handed me my baby sister I hugged her Lux are you okay Baby i knew she couldn't talk cause she was only 2. My dad will be in jail for the rest of his life i went over to where my mom was She was already in  the body bag i blew a kiss to her I love you mom i said in a whisper It was getting late so Harry took me back to his house. If you want you can stay here for the night My parents are out of town for a few weeks theres an extra room if you wanna I nodded Thanks Harry i went and Hugged him He told me which room was mine. I went up there and put Lux in the bed i know she was little but the bed was all we got I crashed for a little and in the middle of the night i couldn't go back to sleep so i tiptoed downstairs and When i got to the kitchen i saw harry making tea i whispered a hi and he turned around Hi he whispered back what are you doing up ? I couldn't really sleep i said He nodded Want some tea he asked i nodded yeah please He poured me some and Him some too we sat down and whispered back and fourth I finished my tea and put it in the sink. I went over to Harry thanks for being there for me today harry that means alot i gave him a kiss on the cheek and Went back to bed.


Hope you enjoyed this LOONG chapter If you did like and favor it that would mean the WORLD to me !!!!!! Thanks everyone ~jojo <3 

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