It's been 3 years ....

Harry was always the school's Nerd unlike Maddie who wasn't popular but had a good amount of friends One day Harry ask's Maddie out she is not sure if she should say yes or no. Harry and her make a deal after 3 years when there both 19 years old they will date what happens after the 3 years are up will harry still be his nerdy self or will he be different ...Read to find out !


4. Park


Maddie's POV-

Today i am out with Lux and Louis. I am at  grocery store  Getting stuff for my place Louis is with me too because he wants to play with Lux after so he tagged along I still can't believe everything that happen so quickly I mean Harry , Lux, my parents ugh my parents... I went and got everything i needed I payed and After i put the Groceries In the trunk i got Lux in her car seat And I then got in the drivers seat next to Louis I started the engine and Pulled out of the grocery store and drove home. 

Went i got home The boys were all there How the Heck did all of ya get in here i said putting the groceries on the table "Door was open" Niall said Eating his sandwitch Did you make a sandwitch ? Yep he answered you don't have alot of food" i rolled my eyes Well i got some more that you will not touch i said looking at him. He laughed and finished his sandwitch I went and Gave Lux to Louis I put the groceries away and i then Went on twitter man everybody is asking me questions About my sister I then tweeted

Hey everyone Lux is fine so don't worry about her it's all good thanks for your worrys and question's asking if she's okay! 

I sent it then put my phone away I picked went over and picked darcy up Hey i was playing with her louis pouted It's lunch time i said to him YAY LUNCHTIME Niall screamed sitting down at the table I rolled my eyes and put Lux in her Highchair. I feed her and i made the boys Pizza so the were eating to After Lu was finished I cleaned her dishes and the boys too. I Got a text from my boss she said i could get a day off so i could hang with Lux my boss is my age so she's cool I went into the living room Hey i got the day off want to go to the Park With Lux i asked the boys they all agreed So we got in one car and headed to the park!

When we got to the park no one was there so we had the whole park to us Louis and Niall ran off in way and Liam and Zayn Ran off leaving me Lux and Harry alone lets go play I said Grabbed Harrys Hand. We slid down the slide and we all fell and we were laughing I picked Lux up and tickled her i haven't had this much fun in a long time ! A lady who looked around 30 Saw me ,harry  and Lux playing together So she came over to me and said" You have a nice Family " I looked at her Well actually We ar- You know what thank you i said smiling she walked away and Harry looked at me so know were family ? He asked i giggled Something like that i said Picking darcy up and taking her to another Slide Yeah this is my family i thought. 


Hope you liked it if you did Like and favor the story you would mean the WORLD to me !!! Thanks ~jojo 

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