It's been 3 years ....

Harry was always the school's Nerd unlike Maddie who wasn't popular but had a good amount of friends One day Harry ask's Maddie out she is not sure if she should say yes or no. Harry and her make a deal after 3 years when there both 19 years old they will date what happens after the 3 years are up will harry still be his nerdy self or will he be different ...Read to find out !


5. lux


Maddies POV-

Lux was Having a fit She also Had a fever i didn't know what to do i never took care of a kid before. I decided To call the doctor She said to bring her there So i did as told and Drove her to the doctors When i got there they took her and checked her. I couldn't be in there when they were checking her so i went to the lobby And called Harry he said he was coming right away i told him it wasn't a big deal but he thought it was. As i was waiting a nurse came up to me and said they were going to do some test on her i nodded Harry got there ad i was sitting there Reading a magazine He came and took a seat by me What are you reading ? He asked I showed him It looks interesting I then looked back at him it's not i sighed

She's going to be okay 

I know It's just i'm worried i have been sitting here f-

Maddie Stars A doctor called I got up And Harry did to we walked to her and who might you be she asked I'm Harry Her friend He replied with I'm sorry but you can't come i- It's Fine i said She smiled well okay Come with me.

We found out whats wrong with her she said 

Whats Wrong I asked her quickly 

Well come take a look we walked into a room and Lux was There The doctor went over to her and pulled her pants and dipper down and there was a huge infected Gash On her Butt Like someone hit her Hard with a belt. I knew who it was It was my dad he always had anger problems But to hurt my sister LITTLE sister MY eyes grew wide tears about to fall and Harry was angry His hands were fist and his face was filled with anger. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS he yelled and ran out a few tears ran down my face is she going to be okay in asked the doctor she nodded Yes Miss.Star i will give you some cream and you put it on there Everyday till it's Gone if it dose not go away in a few weeks call me okay i nodded and Took Lux and Left. When we got home i put the cream on it and laided her down for a nap I tried Calling Harry every time it went to voice mail I sighed Maybe this is a sighn i thought maybe We should hang out together I just don't really know anymore ...


I know its short But i hope you liked it if you did like and favor you would mean the WORLD to me !!! Thanks ~jojo


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