It's been 3 years ....

Harry was always the school's Nerd unlike Maddie who wasn't popular but had a good amount of friends One day Harry ask's Maddie out she is not sure if she should say yes or no. Harry and her make a deal after 3 years when there both 19 years old they will date what happens after the 3 years are up will harry still be his nerdy self or will he be different ...Read to find out !


2. butt Dial

Butt Dial 

Maddie's POV-

Harry went home we both switched Numbers and he told me to call him when i figure out if i want to date him. I know I know we made a deal but deals were meant to be broken right ? I don't know i asked my friend Hailey if she could come over and she said she was on her way i really need to talk to someone about this. I heard a car door close so i knew she was here i opened the door and she walked in 

Sup M she said sitting down 

Um well Maddie you know that nerd Harry who we use to go to school with ? i asked biting my Nails 

Yeah why i haven't heard from him in like 3 years she said the word 3 years my me shiver Umm well  he came here today and well we made a bet when we went to school together that after three years we would date and it's been 3 years already i explained to her. Her jaw dropped What are you going to do about this she said I looked at her well umm he kinda got hotter over the years i said She laughed Harry Styles got hot ha i don't believe it she said Well i pulled out my phone and showed her a picture of him 

Wow he hot she said. I Know i said Putting my phone back in my back pocket i just don't know if i should date him or not i said. 


Harry's POV-

I was at home Watching T.v When I heard my phone do something weird. I picked it up and i heard voice it was Maddie and Some other girl they  were talking ...About me ? this is what i heard 

Wow he's Hot 

Yeah i know Hailey I just don't know if i should Date him 

Why not he's hot and Smart so you should go for it ! 

Look Hailey but You know about my Parents thats stressful enough and to put a boyfriend on top of it all 

Maddie He will understand he might have changed his look and all but i know deep down inside He's That harry we knew in High school 

I know I know i just need more time to think about it ya know 

Yeah i do 

And then it went silent i wonder what is about her parents that is stressful 

Do they fight ?

Do they not get her ?

All these questions were flying through my mind I love you Maddie i said I loved you for forever I wish she could have heard that i thought to myself...

*Back at Maddies place * 

My phone did something weird so i picked it up and heard someones voice it was Harrys and then i heard I Love you Maddie I loved you for forever. My eyes widened and Tears welled up in my eyes He Loves me ? Or is he talking about some other Maddie yeah that sounds right yeah A different maddie Thats what my mind said But my Heart said It was Me who he loves...



Hope you enjoyed it thank you all so much for Liking and favor the story you guys are awesome Please keep liking and Favoring that would mean the WORLD to me !!!! Thanks ~jojo <3 

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