The One

Harry & Amber meet in detention. Harry thinks that Amber won't like him and trade numbers. They say to that they like them and fall in love They become boyfriend and girlfriend. I can't say more!


24. The Great Escape/The Ring II

 he So as I ran I just kept going and going. 

I ran through Times Square then I almost got to Central Park. And then he finally sped up to me and caught me!  "Why were you running?" He says. "I over-heard you say you were gonna propose to me, I don't wanna get married!" I say, "WHAT?! I'm not gonna propose to you! It was a promise ring!" He says, "Oooooohhhh... Never mind then..." I say. So we just walk to Central Park anyway and we take a romantic walk. After that, We walk back to Times Square and RIGHT in front of everyone he knelt down and took out the ring holding thingy, and said, "Amber Olivia Michelle Michaels, would you be mine? I really like you, would you take the promise ring and be my baby? My ONE? THE ONE AND ONLY?!" I bursted in tears and everyone there started either taking pics or awing. Then I fell in love even more!!! "Yes yes yes yeeesss!! Harold Edward Styles, yes I will be your ONE!" And he put the ring on my finger.

I'm whisper-sing 'Magic' and then 'Irresistible' then 'Truly, Madly, Deeply' those are my faves for the moment. ( I'm listening to that now;) ) I fall in love even more than earlier! OMG!

Harry's POV

I would marry her but what she said at the park. I'm TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY in love with her.

and I hear her singing. She has the most beautiful voice ever! We gotta bring her into the studio sometime! She sings: I'll say I'm fine Midnight ain't no time for laughing. When you say goodbye. It makes your lips so kissable. And your kiss unmissable. Your fingertips so touchable. And your eyes irresistible.


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