The One

Harry & Amber meet in detention. Harry thinks that Amber won't like him and trade numbers. They say to that they like them and fall in love They become boyfriend and girlfriend. I can't say more!


29. Seeing Isabelle!

So today I meet my long-distance relationship friend, Isabelle! She lived in London for 2years and then moved away. I was devastated, but now I get to see her! :) she is going to school for a record label and she works at one, I'm meeting her at Starbucks. So as I order my Vanilla Bean someone taps me. "HEY, Amber!!!!" They say, I turn around and see no one other than Isabelle!!!! "OMG! Isabelle! Nice to see you!" I say, "OMG, YEAH! after coffee do you want to swing by the office?" She says, "HECK YEAH! I really want to go and bring out my secret talent!" I say. So after coffee we go to the office, it is HUGE! And so she leads me into a studio and she asks me what song. I tell her 'irresistible' and she plays it. that is my fave song. I start to sing: Don't try to make me stay, Or ask if I'm okay, I don't have the answer, Don't make me stay the night, Or ask if I'm alright, I don't have the answer. Heartache doesn't last forever, I'll say I'm fine, Midnight ain't no time for laughing, When you say goodbye. It makes your lips so kissable, And your kiss unmissable, Your fingertips so touchable, And your eyes irresistible.

I've tried to ask myself, Should I see someone else? I wish I knew the answer. But I know, if I go now, if I leave, Then I'm on my own tonight, I'll never know the answer.

Midnight doesn't last forever, Dark turns to light, Heartache flips my world around, I'm falling down, down, down, That's why. I find your lips so kissable, And your kiss unmissable, Your fingertips so touchable, And your eyes irresistible (Irresistible) Irresistible (Irresistible) Irresistible (Irresistible) Irresistible (Irresistible). It's in your lips and in your kiss, It's in your touch and your fingertips, And it's in all the things and other things, That make you who you are and your eyes irresistible.

It makes your lips so kissable, And your kiss unmissable, Your fingertips so touchable, And your eyes, your eyes, your eyes, Your eyes, your eyes, your eyes


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