The One

Harry & Amber meet in detention. Harry thinks that Amber won't like him and trade numbers. They say to that they like them and fall in love They become boyfriend and girlfriend. I can't say more!


31. Niall

Amber's POV

So this afternoon I go to Niall's room and do the guitar lesson thingy. 
*guitar lesson*
"So this is a G major chord, Put your ring finger on the High E string, 3rd Fret, then open B string, open G, open D, then your index finger goes on the second fret of the A string. So you keep all your fingers in that position and then you put your middle finger on the lowest string, or Low E, on the 3rd fret." He instructs.
"So like this?" *strum* I say. "Yeah, but jut remember to push down, hard, but not too hard or you'll get string marks on your fingers." He says. 
"So this is the A major Chord" he says. 
*after a few chords*
"You're pretty good at this!" He says. "Thanks!" I say. Then he gives me the LOOK. And then he leans in. I try to resist, I can't. His IRISHNESS IS TOO POWERFUL!!!!!!! (Jkjk) so we kiss and I run out. He tries to call me back in. But I go to my room. I just try to cry. "N-n-no-ooo!" I stutter. I don't know why but Alex comes in and asks what happened. I tell her what happened and she wasn't mad, at ALL. So she says the same thing happened to her and Ni. Louis kissed her and didn't tell Ni. But she mumbled it in her sleep and Ni got a little mad. But it brushed off. "Should I tell Harry?" I say. "ummmm.... Yeah. It will hurt his feelings but it's the right thing to do." She says. "Wow. Thanks Alex, what could I have done without you..." I say as she walks out. "Any time, Sista." She says.

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