The One

Harry & Amber meet in detention. Harry thinks that Amber won't like him and trade numbers. They say to that they like them and fall in love They become boyfriend and girlfriend. I can't say more!


16. At my house, around seven-ish?

So we looked at the movies and I looked at The Conjuring? And I also thought Warm Bodies was a good one too. See, the Conjuring is scary, like as hell, and Warm Bodies is sweet and romantic. You know what, let's do Warm Bodies.

so we get home I clean up a bit and put the DVD in and make a bag of popcorn. He arrives at 7, at the dot, WOW! He's got good timing! And he goes to the couch and lies there. I get the popcorn and start the movie.

we watch like half of it and he stops it and looks at me with his rich, deep, sensitive eyes and says "babe, wanna go upstairs?" And of course I say yes. So he carries me up to my room and sets me on the bed. He kisses me and makes out for a little. I loved it and he takes my shirt off. He takes my pants off and I keep kissing. I take his shirt off and his jeans. We won't get into sex yet but we will undress an sleep under the covers.


Harry's POV

we made out for a little and take her clothes off. She takes mine off and I feel like having some good sex. I know she lives with Sam and Sam lives right accross the hall. If we do have sex and Amber moans, she might hear us. So I try to take her panties and bra off.

Amber's POV

I don't mind sex. As long as he has a condom on. I know we've only been dating for a week but I dearly love him. So I take off his boxers.

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