The One

Harry & Amber meet in detention. Harry thinks that Amber won't like him and trade numbers. They say to that they like them and fall in love They become boyfriend and girlfriend. I can't say more!


35. 1st Record!!!!!!! :D

"So wake me up when it's all over
When I'm wiser and I'm older
All this time I was finding myself
And I didn't know I was lost" - Avicii 'Wake Me Up!'

so Harry said that we'll need to muscle-up for the paparazzi when they get 'pushy' and 'obnoxious' when i get famous. so we head to the gym, and harry's sister, Gemma's BFF's Cousin works at the gym in NY. so since Hazza get connection we get free membership. so i get a towel and a water bottle, and we head to the Treadmill. i start out slow then i guess Harry thought it was a race and i sped up. i started tripping and so did he. so we slowed down before someone came and yelled at us. then, we went to weight-lifting. i did 60 lbs. and he did 100. i put 70 on and i handled it so i did 80, it got a little heavy and that was as far as i could go. he did 130 and gave up. then we went to BOXING!! that's Liam's Fave. so we punched the pinching bag a few times, i was really good at it. so then i learned with my personal trainer, Michelle how to block and grab punches while in the air. so if someone is punching you you can grab their fist. so after that, Harry and l went to the studio. We did the final recording of the album with instruments and It sounded great. Niall came in and helped play guitar while I played piano. the day went by so fast we didn't finish we only got through 4 songs today.

*After the recording session*

Harry and I thought we'd go to the pool. I pool my bikini on and he put his trunks on and he headed down with the guys.


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