Niall Horan, my baby's daddy

Niall Horan is my baby girls daddy. Niall and I (Mac, short for Mackenzy) had a hot one night stand. Well, you know what happens when someone forgets the condom...


1. Flash back, 12 months before.

~Mac's POV~

----- I just dumped my boyfriend about a week ago, and I'm not gonna lie I miss him, and yes I'm at a bar. Drinking away my pain. There is this really hot blonde next to me too. He looks familiar, and about my age, 18. "Hi, my name is Mac, short for Mackenzy." i told him. "I'm Niall, Niall Horan." he said. "Well anyway, your hot, and a drinker I'm guessing." "Yeah, would you like to dance?" he said with the sexiest grin ever. 

----- After 1 hour of dancing and grinding, he took me outside and called for a taxi. We then went to his house. The whole ride home we were making out like crazy. When we got in his house he slammed me on the wall. "Damn, your so fucking sexy." He kind of yelled at me. "Just fuck me already!" I yelled. he picked me up and made out, while walking/running to his bedroom. I tore his shirt off him and he pulled my dress off. I then took his pants off and his boner really started to show. He pulled down my thong and started eating my insides, while unclipping my bra. "Fuck! Mac! You taste so damn good!" he yelled. I took off his boxers, and his huge hard penis came up and wacked him in his rock hard stomach. He took his penis and shoved it in my vagina without even a warning. Niall then started to trust. "Oh my god!!! Niall, harder! Harder! Your so fucking huge!" 



End of flashback~

Now, I am the mother of, the, Niall Horan's baby girl. And tomorrow, is the day I tell him.


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