Niall Horan, my baby's daddy

Niall Horan is my baby girls daddy. Niall and I (Mac, short for Mackenzy) had a hot one night stand. Well, you know what happens when someone forgets the condom...


2. Finding Niall

~Mac's POV~ 

----- Thank God for these "Directioners." They know everything about One Direction, including Niall's home(: turns out we live like 10 minutes away from each other. huh, small world. I'm kind of scared. I haven't seen Niall in about a year. Will he remember me? I hope he does, maybe he will remember when he sees Mandi. She looks so much like Niall. She has his hair, his eyes, and my nose. Mandi is only 3 months old, but she already has so much hair. 

----I'm really nervous. I am at Niall's doorway. Will he be mad? *knock knock* "Hello?" Niall said as he opened the door. "Can I come in? I'm not gonna fangirl or anything like that. I need to talk to you about something that happened about 12 months ago. You are a father. You are Mandi's father. My daughter, and your daughter... Mandi Horan." 

~Niall's POV~

----My daughter, and your daughter... Mandi Horan. "What?" "You are the father of my daughter. We had sex about 12 months ago and you forgot a condom." She said. "Excuse me, but who are you?" I said "My name is Mac, short for Mackenzy." Mac said. "Come in." 

----After Mac explained all of this to me, she said that her parents kicked her out and she is living with a friend. I feel really bad for her because I did this to her, and she seems really nice. Wait, why is she crying? I don't like crying. "Please stop crying. I will help you. I promise, just can I hold my little Mandi? I want to be apart of her life. I wish you would have told me sooner. I would have helped you, I would have been there for you." I said to Mac. She then handed to Mandi, man, she looks like me but has her mommy's nose. She is beautiful, both of them are. 

~Mac's POV~

----He wasn't even mad. Not at all. I should have told him sooner. I wish I would have. He looks so cute holding her.

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