the 0th hunger games

I was in the hunger games. thats right I was but, it was the unseen hunger games. the 0th hunger games is what it was called. I was the winner. but my winning came with a price, the worst price that could come, keeping it a secret.


3. Travling

"Niall thank god your here!" I yelled happily with a hint of sadness. "Don't worry kat it will be fine I promise." "No niall you cant promise that because it wont be fine IM GOING TO DIE!" I sobbed in his lap. I didn't want to go. "Kat I promise you, you wont die." He looled in my eyes. Thank god he was my friend. "Ok." I snivled. He hugged me tite not wanting to let go, I could tell he didn't want me to go eather. He kissed my cheak. "I will see you when its over" and he left.


"Yep 200 km an hour. You can hardly feel a thing!" Winter said with joy. "I can feel my lunch coming up from all this speed." Louis looked sick I felt a little sick but not as sick as louis looked. "Oh please louis try some of this it will help you feel better." Winter crumbled my thoughts. "Ok but only if kat trys some too." He looked at me smirking. "Sure I do feel a little sick so I will have some too." He looked at me shocked but didn't argue. "On three?" He asked? "On three!" I repeated. "One Two Three!" I drank, he didn't "hahahahahaha!" He laughed. "Ewwww what is this stuff?." "Well it is peach juice, fish oil and liquid eye liner." Winter said. I gagged. "Let me guess, louis idea? I knew the answer. He smirked at me. "Yep you can thank me later!" He laughed, so did I. 

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