the 0th hunger games

I was in the hunger games. thats right I was but, it was the unseen hunger games. the 0th hunger games is what it was called. I was the winner. but my winning came with a price, the worst price that could come, keeping it a secret.


7. Training

I woke up the next morning at 6:37 am. Winter didn't want us to be late even though it started at 8:15 am she wanted us up now. I got out of bed and took a shower, the water was just the right temperature unlike the water at home its always to cold. I got out an grabbed the cloths that were on my bed, a black suit with an orange stripe on the side and the number of my district, 22. ---–—--------------------------------------------------------------------------------–—–--------------

we were at the training gym I was reading to get started, louis on the other hand didn't look to happy about training. "He lou whats wrong you don't look to hot, I mean you don't look sick but you look unhappy." "Sorry Im just thinking about my friend." He sounded sad. "Whats his name?" I didn't know why I cared about it but I did. "His name is Harry, Harry Styles." He was friends with my brother well I guess it was possible but, not anymore. "My brother is dead." I told him and he looked at me. "Oh um ok that must suck." I glared at him. "Harry Styles was my brother!" I yelled at him. He looked at me in shock, Im not sure if the yelling gave him the shock or because he found out Harry was my brother. "But Kat, Harry isn't dead he faked his death." Now it was my turn to be in shock. "Why, why would he fake his death louis?!" "Because he found out that they were going to do the hunger games and he faked his death so no one would know what he was doing. He only told me." "Why wouldn't he tell his family!" "Because they would try to stop him!" We were both yelling now.  We went away from each other and started training.

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