the 0th hunger games

I was in the hunger games. thats right I was but, it was the unseen hunger games. the 0th hunger games is what it was called. I was the winner. but my winning came with a price, the worst price that could come, keeping it a secret.


8. The test

We were going to have test, a test to see how we had inproved and to rate our strenghs from 1 to 12. I was worried, I didn't want to make a fool of myself infront of the people who could save my life. Louis looked nervouse too, I could tell he felt the same as me. I worried for him, and his mother. his mother had 4 children incouding him. of all the siblings, louis was the oldest. wich worried me more for his mother could not bare the risk of loosing him, or one of his siblings. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

It was time for the test I was nearly jumping out of my pants. I was given a suit to wear for the test. I looked at louis he looked back. "louis?" I asked. "yes kat?" "I dont want to do this what if I make a fool out of myself infront of the juges?" "kat dont worry you will make your family proud." he smiled at me and for once I was happy. I wasent scared I didn't want to cry. I finaly felt free I didn't even want to curl into a ball and hide from this terible world. but then that moment ended when they called my name for the test. I walked out and tuck the bow and an arrow. the juges were talking among one and other. I said "Kat Turner form didstrict 22" in a rude voice. they looked at me and settled down. I turned around to fase the targets when I saw a throwing knife. I instantly thought of my best friend Willow, Willow wood. she was from district 23 we broke district rules by crossing the barb wire fence to no mans land. willow was the best at throuing knifes thats why I thought of her. my thoughts darted back when they called my name again. " you do know you may go miss turner?" they laughed at me and I blushed I walked past the knife and to my target. I missed the first time. they laughed and went back to talking. I hit a bullseye the second time, no responce. I glared. I grabed the last arrow, and shot.

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