the 0th hunger games

I was in the hunger games. thats right I was but, it was the unseen hunger games. the 0th hunger games is what it was called. I was the winner. but my winning came with a price, the worst price that could come, keeping it a secret.


2. the reaping

welcome welcome to the 0th hunger games we are hear to pick one lucky man and woman to represent district 22 now ladys first. Kat Turner. I gasped at that name for it was my own. everyone was looking at me, I started to walk then run. but not to the stage, towards the exit. the guards got me so I surenderd. "no please no I dont want to die please dont take me!" I broke into peices, so did my mom. I walked up on the stage. "ladys and gentle men our first ever tribout, Kat Turner! now for the boys. Louis Tomlinson!" I died. louis they had to pick louis my crush! a single tier left my eye. "what no I cant be in the hunger games no!" louis tried to get away, like I did. but he came on the stage. "Ladys and Gentle men district 22's first ever tribouts!" I started to cry. "hey it will be fine dont worry ok? louis asked me so sweetly in his perfect voice. "ok" I replied weakly. he smiled, I smiled back.


"mom!" I screamed when I saw her walk through the door. "Kat!" she screamed as loud as I did. "mom Im scared I dont want to be in the hunger games, even more so because louis is in it too!" I colapsed in her lap. "it will be fi--" she was cut off. "time to go ms.turner." she didn't protest she kissed me and said goodbye. I started too cry again. "Kat are you ok?" it was naill my best friend


(omg im so sorry for these short chapters but I have writers block right now... oh and did you see how I put some one direction fanfic in this XD thank you all and bye my little mockingjays XD

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