the 0th hunger games

I was in the hunger games. thats right I was but, it was the unseen hunger games. the 0th hunger games is what it was called. I was the winner. but my winning came with a price, the worst price that could come, keeping it a secret.


6. At the hotel

We got to the hotel, and it was HUGE! I looked in my closet. "OH MY GOD LOOK AT ALL THESE CLOTHS!" I tried as many as I could on, then I looked down at my shirt. There sitting were my heart is, was my badge the one my brother gave me before he left for camp. "I will win, for you  Harry!" I loves Harry, he was my brother after all. But since he had a different last name, Styles he had to leave to camp. He never came back. I started to cry when I thought of him. I shook it off and went to the dinning room, in a nice simple dress. "Well who are you, please dont leave you are much to  beautiful." Louis smirked at me and said that in his "fancy" voice. "Oh shut up lou." I smirked. He laughed. "Ok finish eating and go get some sleep because tomorrow we start your training!" Winter came close to falling of her chair when she said training, she also clapped her hands. We finished our food and went off to bed



(hey sorry for the short chapter but I have writers block so comment what you would like to happen next and I will update soon ttyl my mockingjays XD)

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