Just Believe! <3

OK.... so there is this girl named Jaclyn but she likes to be called jay! she is a major BELIEBER! She absolutly loves Justin! well one day she was walking home from a friends house and then she bumps into someone! "ouch.... wait are you?".... no way could it be????


8. what to do?

so i was in my room waiting for justin to come an hang out, im like really tired and i was like closing my eyes.

the next thing i know is im getting picked up and put under the covers. i open my eyes to see who it was.

"shhh baby go back to sleep i will be here when u wake up." justin kissed my forehead and layed down next to me.


when i woke up justin wasnt there.i went to the bathroom he wasnt there. so i went down stairs, he was in the kitchen i tried to sneek behind him but he picked me up and spun me around before i could.

"goodmorning boo." he said kissing my nose

"what we gonna do today?" i asked my beautiful eyed bf

In a baby voice he said "i wanna cuddle"

"all day? Dont u have to go home for tour?" i asked.

"baby, WHY? i was trying to forget that!"

"hey dont yell at me! i was just asking." i said pouting

"hey i was joking, and yeah i am. i wanted ask u something"

"and whats that boo bear?" i asked putting my arms around his neck

"well.... i was wondering if... u would wanna come with me on tour. ik u can sing and love music and dancing. please say yes?"

i hesitated just to joke. "um.. are u crazy! of coaurse i will!"

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