Just Believe! <3

OK.... so there is this girl named Jaclyn but she likes to be called jay! she is a major BELIEBER! She absolutly loves Justin! well one day she was walking home from a friends house and then she bumps into someone! "ouch.... wait are you?".... no way could it be????


2. No Way!

Who is this dude? he seems so familiar. His voice, his hands when ours touched, it cant be obviously im hilusinating!

"so is this ur house?" he asked

"um yep its mine"

We walked inside.  I gave him a tour and left my room for last.

My room is all bieber! posters, bedding, wall color is purple. it was cool!

"i see you like bieber?"he asked with a questioning look

"yeah i do." i blush

"then this is gonna be awkward when i tell u this. But u have to promise u wont screa, faint, or anything out of the ordinary!"

"ok i promise"

he takes his hood off and i see who he really is.

I guess i wasnt hillusinating! he is really here

"hey, my name is justin"

"hi.... so why didnt u tell he who u were?"

"because i didnt know u would be this cool, i thought u would have screamed."

"no lol, i love you but i wouldnt scream, only at a concert lol"

me and justin went down stairs

"can we get to know eachother a lil bit better jay?" justin just called me jay!!!!

"sure juju"

*sorry it was a short chapter i gtg to school be on later if not love yall favorite and comment for more!*

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