Just Believe! <3

OK.... so there is this girl named Jaclyn but she likes to be called jay! she is a major BELIEBER! She absolutly loves Justin! well one day she was walking home from a friends house and then she bumps into someone! "ouch.... wait are you?".... no way could it be????


3. Getting to know echother

"sure juju" i think he really wants to get to know me!

Justin's POV:

Oh my god she is so beautiful! i really really want to get to know her! i hope she likes me for me not the famous JBieber!

"so justin what do u want to know?" she has a voice of an angel!

"everything, if u dont mind?"

"Nope not at all. ok so my name is jaclyn faith moran. i graduated at cchs. im 19.i live on my own. i do have a licence but not  a car. and i love u for u not the big famous justin bieber! and i love the color purple. oh and i love puppies!"

"ok great jay" i said to her with a smexy voice!

"my name is justin drew bieber, im 19 i also graduated at statford high. i live on my own when im home in CA. i have a licence and carS. ha i really like you, ur smile, laugh, and eyes(she started blushing alot!!!) and i love puppies and kids!"

*sorry ya'll i got to go school time update later! love you beliebers!*

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