Just Believe! <3

OK.... so there is this girl named Jaclyn but she likes to be called jay! she is a major BELIEBER! She absolutly loves Justin! well one day she was walking home from a friends house and then she bumps into someone! "ouch.... wait are you?".... no way could it be????


1. at a friends

So i was at my friend brianna's house. We were listening to music. Justin Bieber to be exact! We ablsoutly love him! We were jumping up and down on the beds singing Beauty and a Beat! Bri stopped the music. "Hey jay?" "yeah" i answered "can you play a song for me on the guitar?" "sure what song?" so she asked me believe. I said sure and picked up her guitar and started playing.

When i was in the middle of the song we both had tears in our eyes! When i got done she wanted to know if i wanted to watch never say never. "yeah i havent seen it in like a week!!!!! lol" ( we are both nineteen) we both laughed like little girls!! haha. no but she put it in we sat down got some pop, popcorn, candy, and whatever we could find!

The movie was nearly over and we had lots of tears coming from our eyes!

" i love him and that movie" bri cried

" lol me too!"

it was like 7:00 and i decided to go home to my house. yes i live alone(im really 13 in real life lol).

we said goodbye to eachother and then i grabbed my bag and bieber stuff and walked out.

since i dont have a car yet i walk places exept work. Me and bri work together at a music shop so she picks me up in the morning.

I was like around the corner from my house until i bumped into someone.

"ouch... sorry i bumped into u i was in a hurry" i said to the guy in the hoodie

he helped me up. "im sorry i was in a hurry to." i said thanks to him cuz he helped me up.

" can i ask why your in a hurry?" he asked me

"well its getting dark and i dont like it. What about you? why are u in a hurry?"

"well i was kind of getting chased by some... um.. do u mind if i come over ur place so u can see for ur self?"

"umm sure"

"ok great lets go!"

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