Just Believe! <3

OK.... so there is this girl named Jaclyn but she likes to be called jay! she is a major BELIEBER! She absolutly loves Justin! well one day she was walking home from a friends house and then she bumps into someone! "ouch.... wait are you?".... no way could it be????


11. Airport!

So we just got done picking up bri and now we are at the airport!

"u nervous babe?" justy asked me

"yeah a little its my first time on a plane"

"dont worry it'll be fine!" bri said

we all got out ot the car and grabbed our stuff, well we almost did til....

"hey girls dont touch it i will get it!"kenny yelled

"ok thanks keeny bear!" i yelled back

"ready?" juju asked me

"yup ready freddy!"

-----skip air ride sorry-----

" wow!!! why did that seem like a big hugh rush, getting off?!?!?!"

"it happpens to someone if its there first time on a plane" juju explained

"oh i get it now."

"so bri how was it sitrting all by yoself next to chaz?" i asked winking

then chaz came and put a arm around me and kissed my cheek.

"it went great right breebear?"

"yeah chazzy!!"

then justin came around. "chaz arm, my girl."

"ik bro chill"

"so was it just great or u two finally dating?"

they said in usion "together!!"

 "yeah" i hugged bri!!! and started singing "bri gotta bf, bri gotta bf!"

everyone started laughing! "it's not funny!" then justin grabbed my arm and took me to the tour bus.

"here is our bus, well for us kids anyway." he showed the lil kitchen, living room, then came the room with a bed.

"here is our room." he explained

"Our room? who said i was sharing with u! U might have CUTTIES! eww."

"well it didnt seem that way when i slept over u place before!"

he picked me up and spun me around and i was giggling! He threw me on the bed and got on top of me and said. "forever and always!" and started kissing my neck

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