Harry and Cora broke up 3 years ago when they were 18. Little did they know at the time Cora was pregnant with Harry's baby! 3 year old Darcy is walking, and starting to talk more! Harry doesnt know about Darcy and Cora doesnt intend on telling him. Cora started fresh after she gave birth to Darcy and changed her number and moved to a more affordable apartment. What happens when Harry runs into Cora again? Read more to find out!


4. The Run In

 Chapter 4

My eyes widened and I quickly looked down as my eyes watered. This cannot be happening right now, not after everything I've done to keep Harry away from her. He wont notice though, right? It's been three years, he wont remember me, I need to calm down.  

Our order came back and I thanked the waitress. " Alright Darcy, eat up baby girl" I handed her her food and she started to dig in with her hands. "Darce, use a fork hun." I warned her. I was getting nervous, I felt their stares of recognition boring into me.

Harry's POV

The boys were starring at me and my reaction, which was gobsmacked. Cora... wow, my Cora.... the one girl I ever really cared about. She looked stunning in her tight, black jeans. I glanced at the boys, they weren't looking at Cora, they were looking at the little girl beside her. Who was wearing a cute little dress that wrote "Mummy's Girl" she looked around two. She had brown curls and green eyes.. this guy must have been quite the looker, because the baby is so cute! But that would mean Cora's her mum... right? Well Cora's not a slut that goes around having sex with everyone, so she must really love the lad. I wanna talk to her, its been three years since and I last talked to her. I wanted to call her a week after the break up, but I hadn't because I was afraid she would reject me, I was an fool to let the perfect one slip away just like that. 

I walked up to her. "Cora?" Her eyes flew up to meet mine and they locked with mine..

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