Harry and Cora broke up 3 years ago when they were 18. Little did they know at the time Cora was pregnant with Harry's baby! 3 year old Darcy is walking, and starting to talk more! Harry doesnt know about Darcy and Cora doesnt intend on telling him. Cora started fresh after she gave birth to Darcy and changed her number and moved to a more affordable apartment. What happens when Harry runs into Cora again? Read more to find out!


3. The Park

Chapter Three

I helped Darcy into the clothes I had picked for her, pink leggings and a black dress that went to her knee and written diagonally across the front said, in neon pink colours, 'Mummy's Girl'. Then we headed downstairs for breakfast. "Its wummy Mumma" my lips curve into a smile as my little girl complements me. "Thank you, my beautiful Darcy!" I reply as she moves her full concentration on the pancake i cut up for her to eat, but she is new to using a fork and she cant seem to get the hang of it. A giggle slips my mouth as she gets frusterated and takes the pancake with her hands stuffing it in her mouth. 

-Later On-

"Darcy want to go to the park Hun?" her deep emerald eyes light up at my idea, she loves the park so much. "Yaaaaa" she replied extending the a, I smile. "Then we can go get lunch at your favourite place! Nando's" "Yershhhhh" she jumped up and down. So I got my phone and purse and grabs Darcys hand and started heading to the park. 

"Pushhh me Mwummy!!!" Darcy yelled, we have been here for a while now, Im so tired and hungry right now... "Love, lets go get some food now, mummy is tired." I told her, and without a word she jumped right off the swing into my warm arms and carried her across the street to Nando's. 

Once we walked in it was just past lunch so it wasn't busy, which means we got a table in no time.  I picked Darcy's menu and ordered her her peri peri chicken which usually comes home for leftovers, and I also ordered her some Apple Juice and then I ordered Caesar Salad and some Iced Tea for me.

I heard a familiar voice coming from the table beside me, but I cant quite put my finger on whose it is. I turn my head to see the 1D boys looking at me....wait...it cant be...Harry!

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