Harry and Cora broke up 3 years ago when they were 18. Little did they know at the time Cora was pregnant with Harry's baby! 3 year old Darcy is walking, and starting to talk more! Harry doesnt know about Darcy and Cora doesnt intend on telling him. Cora started fresh after she gave birth to Darcy and changed her number and moved to a more affordable apartment. What happens when Harry runs into Cora again? Read more to find out!


5. Stress Mess

Cora's POV

"H-harry...Hi" I shakily answered. "Whos Warry mwommy?" Darcy interrupted, and I couldn't blame her, I was really curious at that age too. "Is she your daughter?" Harry said. As he said the words I just broke, I started balling and he looked shocked. I just wanted to punch him, show him all the stress he caused me, but I was too weak. I wanted to yell at him telling him that she wasnt just my childm but that she was his too. I became not only speechless, but frozen... then everything went black as I felt warm muscular arms wrap around me...


Harrys POV

She was shaking in my arms, i held her close to my chest with one hand and with the other i placed my ear to her chest checking if there was a heart beat.. There was! She just fainted.. I looked up to be met with a matching pair of green eyes quite similar to mine watching her... mother?... With tears in her eyes. "Did mwommmy go t-to hweavenn?" She asked stuttering with her little, weak voice. I frowned as it was confirmed, it was her daughter.. Had she been with another man? I wiped the tears from her eyes and reassured her that Cora was fine and i was gonna help her Mum.

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