The Golden Eye

The Golden Eye, a mysterious object that likes to frequently change its appearance every second. It moves around from one hiding place to another every year and no-one has ever found its whereabouts. It’s rumored to be the most powerful thing in our world, but no-one knows what it’s true appearance is. Only one person has come close to finding it, his name is Alberto Druid. He’s the only one to find a clue about its whereabouts and yet… he still hasn't told it to anyone, nor made a move to follow that hint.
Everyone wants to find it for its power, I however want nothing to do with the stupid thing. I never will or want to get involved with the Golden Eye, for it is what started this war and my life in exile…


1. Exile


“HURRY UP YA BITCH!” The Guards shouted. Women aren't exactly appreciated in this world, in fact there thought of as weak and only useful in slavery or child birthing.

“Stop day dreaming!” one of them bellowed while giving a young girl a good whacking over the head. She rolled her eyes as they yanked the chains that clung to her wrists for dear life, making them almost naked of the skin.

She was beginning her new life in exile outside the castle and beyond the safety of its borders. She was being kicked out of her home country and into another because she apparently was the murderer of one of the nobles in the castle. The truth is she was completely innocent, she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“You are guilty of the murder of the high noble Nicolas and are hereby sentenced in to exile by King Farrow. You will never set foot on the land of Prydell ever again or you will be punished by death!” the lead knight told her. “I told you I’m not guilty! But if you find whoever really did it, tell em they did a good job for me!” she spat.

The knight slapped her face with such ferocious force, that her head snapped to the side at the harsh contact.  “You better watch your tongue if ya don’t want to be killed!” he back chatted.

They continued to walk to the edge of the forest, until the burning trees were no longer in sight and the girls eyes met the sight of pure wasteland that went on for miles.

When they stopped, the knights unchained her skinned hands and threw her with sheer force into the dry dirt, sneering at her in disgust. They picked up there weapons and left her lying with only a few words like “Good luck rat!” “I never wanna see your ugly face again!” and “I hope you die!”

The girl stared after them with an emotionless face for a while, watching their retreating backs disappear into the forest of flaming trees. And then she turned around to face the wild wilderness, the small breeze kissing her knotted rusty colored hair, a blank look masking the fear in her heterochromia eyes.

She was on dangerous land and she wondered…

Would she ever survive in this unfamiliar land where there could be danger lurking around every corner?

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