Exchange student

Kaley's mother tells her a foreign exchange student is coming to live with them.


1. chapter 1

"kaley, come downstairs your dad and I have something to tell you!" I heard my mom yell from down stairs. "Coming!" I said. "What did you want to tell me?" I asked sitting on the couch. " we have exciting news!" "You're not pregnant are you?" I asked. "No we're not! A foreign exchange student is living with us for the year!" "Really!?" I asked happily. "Yeah!" Well this is going to be fun having a sister to live with for a year. "He'll be here in a week" she said smiling. "He?" "Yeah his name is Liam Payne and he's your age!" She said. Oh okay. Kaley stop worrying this will just be another adventure in your life!

"Hey mom! I'm going to go to Hannah's house see you later!" I said grabbing my car keys. When I got there I quickly changed into my swimsuit since it was an extra hot summer day. "Hey Hannah!" I said hugging my best friend since elementary school. "Hey Kaley!" She said. We grabbed towels and went to go lay out in the sun for a little bit. "So guess what?" I said. "What?" She asked. "My family is getting another foreign exchange student" I said. "Another girl to go shopping with" she said happily. "I'm this time she is a he" I said. "Wait I thought you couldn't host a boy?" She asked. "Me too!" "So what's his name?" She asked winking. "Liam Payne" I said. "I wonder if he's hot" she said smirking. "Oh stop!" I said hitting her arm, but hey Isis think the same thing. "He gets here in a week" I said. Then we just got in the pool and started swimming.

*a week later*

*liams POV*

"Do you have everything!" My mom asked. "Yeah I have all my clothes, chargers, passports I'm ready!" I said dragging the three suitcases out of my room. It was almost time to go to the airport so I started loading everything in. We finally got to the airport and my mom and I checked in my bags. "I'm going to miss you so much!" She cried. "I know mum but this will go by fast and this will be an adventure" she hugged me. " oh I almost forgot, this is for you" I said pulling out an iPad, " so we can FaceTime!" "You're the sweetest son ever" she said hugging me again. "Okay now go before you miss your flight!" She said. It was a long flight but I slept most of the way do it didn't feel like that long. I was finally in America!

*kaleys POV*

"Come on! We have to go to the airport or we'll be late!" My mom said basically pushing me out of the door. When we got the airport there weren't that many people, but I did see a very attractive guy. Then of course my mom points to the guy and says "hi Liam!" We walked over to him and he shook both our hands. "Hi.." He said looking at me "Kaley" I said. "Hi Kaley" he said smiling. We got his stuff and went home. "kaley will you show Liam around?" My mom asked. "Yeah!" I said, "okay this is the kitchen" I said pointing to the kitchen. "There's the living room" I said. Then we went upstairs. "Okay this is my room then your room is right next to mine" I said smiling, "if you need anything just ask." "Thank you" he said in his cute British accent. He was perfect.

*Liams POV*

Kaley was so beautiful, her brown hair fell almost to her butt and she had the prettiest blue eyes I'd ever seen. But they have a rule against exchange students dating people from their host family don't they? Oh well. I was pretty hungry so I went and knocked on Kaley's door. "Coming" she said. When she opened the door I asked, "I'm pretty hungry can we go get something to eat?" "Yeah let me just get shoes on!" She said returning to her room. When she got them on we went down the stair to tell her mom we were leaving. "Hey mom in taking Liam to Taco Bell be back soon!" She said hugging her and picking up her keys. "Taco Bell?" I asked confused. "It's a really good taco place!"she said.

*kaleys POV*

When we got there Liam looked very confused. "What?" I asked giggling. "What is this?" He asked. "Taco Bell!" I said. When we walked in I saw Hannah. "Hey Hannah!" I said hugging her. "Hey!" She said surprised. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Getting Taco Bell for the family" she said. "What are you doing?" She asked looking at Liam. "Getting Liam his fist taco from Taco Bell, oh Liam this is my best friend Hannah, Hannah this is Liam" "hi" she said shaking his hand. "Okay we'll I'll see you at my pool party on Saturday right?" I almost forgot about her party "yeah we'll be there!" Hannah left and we ordered our food. "What the pool party for?" He asked. "Every year Hannah has an end of the summer pool party" I explained. "Oh alright! And when does school start?" He asked. "It starts on Monday." "Fun" he said senescing his sarcasm. We finished eating and went back home.

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