Constant Fearing of Losing Me

Hi my name is Charlette Day but everyone calls me Charlie for short.

I had a perfect life, good friends, loving parents, until I met a boy at my school named Mark. My whole life changed with just one boy, and one message.

Until a new student came into my school, named Harry Styles


10. Chapter 7

Just when I was about to scream Mark covered my mouth this his hands so I couldn't cry for help. How did Mark find me? Better question yet, why is he here? How did he get here? So many questions are going through my mind all at once.

"I missed you babe" Mark said with his hand still covering my mouth.

"Hope you didn't find someone to replace me babe, don't wanna share, you're mine and only mine"

Why is this happening to me right now? What did I do to deserve this? And how in the hell did he find me?

"My old friend goes to school with you" Is he talking about harry? couldn't be Harry, he just moved to this school.

"You might know her" What? Did he just say her? My eyes got wide open when he said her name. Amanada. No wonder Amanada knew so much about my past. Cause Mark told her what happened between us, she better not tell Harry or anyone. Mark removed his hand over my mouth.

"You know Amanada?" it was the first thing I asked since he mentioned her name.

"Yep, I do. I used to live here when i was little but then I moved to London, and now I'm back here to visit my babe"

I feel disgusted when he calls me 'babe'.

"Don't worry only Amanada knows what happened between us that summer" he saod with a grin on his face.

Great. Now I gotta worry about both, Mark and Amanada, she better not say anything to anyone in school or Harry.

"Why are you here anyway?" I asked.

"Cause I miss you and I still wanna have fun" there's a tone in his voice that I'm scared of his definition of 'fun' is.

"Well theres a reason why I left and didn't say anything to you because I don't wanna see you again, you ruined my life" I started to yell at Mark. I can't be scared of him, if he knows that I am scared he will mostly likely try to trick me again. I won't let it happen again.

"Awww. C'mon babe, don't be like that" Mark said coming closer to me. I paniced and the first and only thing that I did was to kick him where it hurts. His manhood. And I started to run towards my house praying that he doesn't follow me and know where I live.

"You're going to pay for this you bitch!" I heard Mark yell at me. Shit. There's one thing I know about Mark. Is that if gets mad, he gets mad and he will try and ruin that person. Also if Mark wants something he will literally find a way to get it. No matter what.


**Next Morning**

I don't feel like going to school today, what if Mark told Amanada to tell and show everyone ay school. I would literally die, if that ever happens, I can't have anyone bully or judge me. It's too much for me and I can't handle it. I just hope today goes by fast. I don't want no drama or anything. As I walk into the school I saw Harry talking to some girl that I couldn'r recognize, I walked towards them to see who he was talking to, until I heard a fimilar voice and there's one person that it belings to. Amanada. Shit. She better not tell him what happened or I swear to god I will start a fight with her. As I got closer I notice that there was someone else with them, a boy, Amanada was introducing him to Harry. It was Mark. Great... As I was turing the other way, Harry saw me and called out to me.

"Oh hey Charlie! Amanada was just introducing me to her friend Mark. He is new to our school" I feel bad for Harry, he doesn't know whats going on.

"Hey Charlette" Mark spoke.

"Oh.. you guys know each other?" Oh Harry...he is so clueless.

"I..." I got cut off by Mark.

"Yea, we know eachother..."

"Oh, how do you guys know each other?" Please stop asking questions Harry, even though he is just being polite. I decided to answer the question instead of letting Mark answer it.

"We went to school with each other before I moved here"

"Harry lets go to class so we won't be late" I said and grabbed Harry's arm.

"Woah...Charlie you ok?" asked a concern Harry.

"Yea I'm fine" I put on a fake smile.

"Oh, it seems that you didn't want to be there" He has no idea.

As we walked into class I was debating to tell Harry or not. I have to tell him sooner or later. When we got to class I wanted to scream. Mark is in our class. How wonderful. And of course Mark is sitting beside Amanada. No surprise. I still can't believe that they were friends before. I sit where my usual seat is. I have to try avoid and ignore Mark for the rest of the day, week, month, years.

"You sure you're ok?" Harry whispered.

"Yea" I lied.

"It doesn't seem like it though, you sure you don't want to talk about it?" for some reason I think Harry knew I wasn't fine. And this is a perfect time to tell him about my past.

"Yea, let's talk about it after school? And promise me that we will still be friends no matter what"

I wanted to know that Harry and I will still be friends after I tell him. Harry just had a confused look on his face and nodded in agreement. When I turned my head I noticed that Amanada wasn't sitting beside Mark. Where did she go? Next thing I noticed that Amanada was near Harry and I..what was she doing?

When the bell rang after school me and Harry decide to go to a little coffee shop so we can talk. After when we ordered our coffees we sat down and right before I opened my mouth, Harry's phone started to ring letting him know that he got a new message. When Harry opened the text message he had a shocked expression on his face.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

Harry didn't say anything, the only thing he did was moved his phone towards me, and I couldn't believe what I saw.

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