Constant Fearing of Losing Me

Hi my name is Charlette Day but everyone calls me Charlie for short.

I had a perfect life, good friends, loving parents, until I met a boy at my school named Mark. My whole life changed with just one boy, and one message.

Until a new student came into my school, named Harry Styles


7. Chapter 5

Harry's P.O.V

"Charlie? you ok?" I was getting concered.

"Leave! Go away, I don't want to talk to you again" Charlie started yelling at me.

"What? Charlie, what are you talking about?"

As I made my way closer to her she started to scream and burt into tears. What's going on? Next thing I know Charlie's aunt came running towards Charlie to comfort her.

"It was nice to meet you Harry, but please go. Charlie isn't herself right now" theconcer tone in her vouice.

"Alright, well tell Charlie that I'm sorry for whatever I did" with that I drove home.

What did I do? Maybe it was something I said? But what did I say? I got home and went stright to my room in the dark. All can think about is Charlie and what I did wrong. The next day at school I tried to go up to Charlie and apologize to her but she keeps running away from me. In math class I was going to sit beside her but she wouldn't let me.

"Harry, you can sit beside me!"a girl named Amanada, I think that's her name, called out to me.

"Uhh..sure" I said while making my way over.

"So what's up with you and Charlie?" Amanada asked.

"We were hanging out and had a break down all of a sudden" I told her.

"Well...I can't blame her.." was all Amanda said.

"What do you mean by that? " I was so conbfused, what is she talking about?

"You were the first guy she hung out with since she got here"

What did she mean about that? Next thing I know a guy named ylan showed up and sat beside me. Great now I'm in the middle...

"You got to hang out with Charlie?!" Dylan aked all shocked.

"Yea....why you so shcoked?"

"Because last week I asked her to hang out by she turned me down"

"Your point is..."

"Of all the rumors I heard I thought that I'll have a bit of fun with her" Dylan said witha smirk on his face.

After that he left, leaving me and Amanda alone.

"How far did you go with Charlie yesterday?" Amanada asked out of the blue.

WHAT?! Me and Charlie didn't dp anything!!

"We didn't, we just hung out" I started to get mad. Why would she say something like that?

"Really? She doesn't seem the type to hang out with guys without giving them anything"

I didn't want to hear any of this bullshit anymore, so I just got up and sat somwhere else.

I moved to the back corner in class, I don't understand why Amanda made that comment , now I can't get it out of my head.


"..she doesn't seem the type to hang out with guys without giving them anything"


Charlie doesn't seem that type of girl that sleeps around with guys. When class finished I went to look for Dylan, I saw him at his locker talking to a girl I've never seen before. My guess that he is a jerk and a player. No surprise there.

"Hey Dylan, can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure thing" he whispered something into the girls ear and she laughed and walked away

"What's up?"

"I have a question about Charlie" I'm getting really worried about her.

"If you're going to ask me is she's good in bed, I don't have the answer yet" a grin slowly creeping on his face. Honestly he is a sick bastard.

"No, it's not that. I'm worried about her. She's ignorning me and I didn't do anything to her"

"Well I don't know, maybe you should ask Amanda, she seems to know Charlie well."

After Dylan said that I ran to look for Amanda, some how she knew thta I was looking for her becuase she was waiting for me in front of my car.


A/N: Just wanted to say thank you for the few people that liked and favourite my story, it actually means a lot to me. And I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving!! (:

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