Constant Fearing of Losing Me

Hi my name is Charlette Day but everyone calls me Charlie for short.

I had a perfect life, good friends, loving parents, until I met a boy at my school named Mark. My whole life changed with just one boy, and one message.

Until a new student came into my school, named Harry Styles


6. Chapter 4

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When math was over Mr.Crowe stopped me and Harry at the end of class.

"Ms.Day, I know that you're a good student in this class..."

Oh no! Please don't!

"...would you please help Mr.Styles to catch up on all of your work that we've done in class"

NOO!!! was what I wanted to say...


"Thank you" Mr.Crowe said before he left me and Harry alone in the class.

"So...Ms.Day.." he said with a smile on his face.

"It's Charlie"

"Ok, Charlie when do we start?"

"You can come over to my place and we'll get started" I said while I made my way out of the class room.

When I left the school I started to walk towards my house. I thought to myself, out of everyone in the class why did Mr.Crowe picked me and say that I'm a good student. I'm good in math but I'm not a pro at it. I got lost in my thoughts until I heard a honk behind me, just when I turned around I saw Harry flashing his perfect smile and showing his cute dimples at me.

"Hey Charlie, want me to give you a ride to your place?"

"No, I'm fine, I'll just meet you there" I yelled and continued walking. I can still feel like I'm being followed by Harry in his car.

" can I met you if I don't know where you live"

Shit...he had a point.

"Ugh...fine", I made my way towards his car and hopped in the passenger seat. The car ride was too quiet and awkward. I think Harry knew what I was thinking and he turned on the radio. My favourite song came on and I started to hum along to the song. Harry heard me and started to sing along as well.


"White lips, pale face,

Breathing in snowflakes.

Brunt lungs, sour taste

Lights gone, days end

Stuggling to pay rent..."


Wow...was all I could say. Harry had a beautiful voice I've ever heard. I love when guys sing, I get weak to the knees. I was looking at him while he was singing and I was smiling like an idiot, Harry saw me at the corner of his eyes and he had a smile on his face as well.


"And they say, she's in the class A team,

Stuck in her day dream

Been this way since 18, but lately..."


I decided to join in on the fun. We both started laughing and singing. I haven't had this much fun with anyone other than my aunt Liv. We sang every song that came on the radio until we got to my house.

"I'm home!" I yelled once we got inside.

"In the kitchen!" I heard aunt Liv yell.

Harry and I made our way to the kitchen and when aunt Liv turned around she had her eyes big and wide.because I never and I mean never brought a friend over.

"Who is this cutie Charlie?" she said with a wide grin on her face.

"Aunt Liv, this is Harry. Harry, this is my aunt Liv. We are going to my room and do homework" I said dragging Harry upstairs with me.

And no, we are not going to do anything.

When we got to my room I noticed that Harry was staring at the boxes in my room. Yes...I'm lazy and I've been here for almost 2 months and I haven't unpacked yet.

"Are you moving?" Harry asked.

", I moved here about 2 months ago"

"Oh I see..."

"Yea.." the room got silent.

"Lets get started on the homework" I said breaking the awkward silence.

In the end we didn't do any homework, we just ended up talking till late. Harry looked at his ohone and saw the time and it was already 7.

"Shit...sorry I have to go"

"It's ok, I'll walk you to the door"

When we were walking down stairs we saw my aunt passed out on the couch.

"Thanks for having me over" he said with his cute smile showing off his dimples.

"Any time" I said while looking into his bright green eyes.



"Mark, s-stop i-it hurts" I said while tears are rolling down my face. Mark tied the rope tight around both of my wrist to his bed so I can't escape.

"Don't worry babe. It'll be over soon" he said while he was on top of me so I wouldn't move.

All I saw was his trusting eyes, but they were not trusting anymore. Next thing I knew I felt a pain on my lower half. I let out a scream but Mark out his hand over my mouth so no one could hear me.

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