Constant Fearing of Losing Me

Hi my name is Charlette Day but everyone calls me Charlie for short.

I had a perfect life, good friends, loving parents, until I met a boy at my school named Mark. My whole life changed with just one boy, and one message.

Until a new student came into my school, named Harry Styles


3. Chapter 2

**Bell Rings**

"Ok class don't forget you have a test next week on algebra" Mr.Crowe our math teacher said before we leave to go home.

As I packed my bag, Dylan came up to me. Dylan is yet another typical popluar highschool boy. Plays football. Tall. Pefect Smile. Perfect everything. And he is every girls dream.

"Hey Charlette" I heard his voice behind me.

"H-h-hi Dylan" I replied with a shakey voice.

"Mind if I walk you home?"

WHAT!! Dylan Miller! The football star. The boy that every girl dreams about dating, is asking me. Charlette Day if he can walk me home!

I just stood infront of him speechless.

" that a yes?" Dylan asking laughing

Oh, he has a cute laugh...I still couldn't speck so I just nodded.



"How long have you been in this school for?" he asked curiously as we were walking to my house.

In a low voice I replied, "almost 2 months".

"So what made you move from London all the way to Califonia?"

"My parents let me stay with my aunt for my senior year, they're barely home"

I lied. The true story is that my parents kicked me out. No one needs to know the reason why they kicked me out. My parents were ashamed of me so my aunt decided that I could live with her in California. My aunt's name is Olivia, but I call her aunt Liv., she is in her mid 20s almost 30. Yep..I know..she's young, but her and my mother are 10 years apart. I'm kinda glad that my aunt insist that I should live with her because she understood of what I was going through.

Me and Dyaln got to my front door.

"We should hang out at my place some time"

With that I heqard Mark's vouice echoed in my head.

"Don't worry babe, don't be scared"

I think I was starting into space cause Dyaln had a worry look on his face.

"You ok?"

I'm guessing that I wasn't paying attention on what he was saying.

"Um..I-I-I can't, sorry" I stuttered.

I can't trust anyone now, since what happened last summer with Mark.

Stupid Mark, I thought to myself.

Since I moved here, I didn't have any friends, I didn't trust anyone other that my aunt Liv. I'm scared that people at my school will find out what happened and make fun of me. Laugh at me all over again.

"Ok" was the only thing Dyaln said before he left.

I opened

 the door and I heard loud music coming from the libving room. As I walked into the living room all I saw was Liv dancing like a freak show. Oh how I love my aunt, she's so crazy! I love spending time with her, I literally can tell her anything. I'm glad that she understood my situation with Mark. She told me to be careful on who I trust.

"Hey Charlie!! How's school?!" Liv yelled over the loud music.

"Good!!" I laughed while yelled over the loud music aswell.

"That's good! Come dance with me!" she yelled once again, and I didn't hesitate to join my crazy aunt Liv. We've basically danced all night.

"You hungry kiddo?" he hasked while she turned off the music, it was silence and all you could hear was my stomach growling.

"Haha, yea, can we oder pizza?"


After me and Liv ordered and ate the pizza it was already 11 o'clock.

"Time for bed Charlie, you have school tomorrow"

AS I went to my room to get ready for bed I put my phone on my night table to charge and headed to the shower. I love taking showers, it's so relxing especially when the hot water hits your body after a long day. When my nice hot shoeer was over I dried m hair and brushed my teeth, took off my makeup. I feel so nice and fresh when I take off my makeup, then I walked to my dresser and changed into my pjs. I got comfortable in my bed and I dozed off into a deep sleep.


**Charlie's Nightmare**

"Dance for us babe!" Mark's friends shouted at me.

"I feel dizzy. I wanna go home Mark" I said with a weak voice.

"C'mon babe, we just started to have fun"

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