Could it be you

Same old storyline.
Boring life, rich parents... Blah blah blah.
Sylvies had enough of it.
When her friend gives her an opportunity she can't help but except where will the path of life lead her?
Its all up to her, her decisions, her choices and her mistakes.
And this time, its her who has to own up and take the blame.
Because she's in trouble, with Justin Bieber.


3. Michael Young

Michael Young ^^^^^

Age: 19

Parent: George Young and Kathleen Young

Habits: Reading too late, tapping shoes.

Likes: Beethoven, quiffs and shined shoes.

Dislikes: Sylvie being bad, his mum being upset and having a bad hair day

Hair: Dirty blonde

Eyes: Blue

Role models: Ghandi and Martin Luther King.

Ethnicity: English 

Current locations: Living in Canada.

Best friend: Jordan Smithe 

Siblings: Sister, Sylvie Young.

Dreams: A doctor or scientist. 

Job: Works in the music store.

Style: ties, brogues, blazers and glasses. Preppy.

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