Could it be you

Same old storyline.
Boring life, rich parents... Blah blah blah.
Sylvies had enough of it.
When her friend gives her an opportunity she can't help but except where will the path of life lead her?
Its all up to her, her decisions, her choices and her mistakes.
And this time, its her who has to own up and take the blame.
Because she's in trouble, with Justin Bieber.


4. Chapter Two.

Sylvies POV


"Sylvie? Its time for Piano my love!" Mum calls out from the top of the stairs and i'm pretty sure she hears me sigh.

"Come on! Trot trot." She shoos me out of the big front door and into our Lambourgini. She tuts when she reads my t-shirt but i just brush it off because quite frankly, i don't give a damn what other people think of me. Especially my mum because she has no taste in clothing at all and you can tell by what shes wearing now. A beige suit with flat 'womens' brogues and glasses. At least try to look normal for me. 

She also talks really (!!!) posh and annoyingly and she always corrects me on words when I'm in the middle of a story or a sentence and its freaking annoying as hell. The only thing we do have in common is compromising and kinda blackmailing each other. It might sound kind of weird because shes one of THOSE parents but when i don't want to go swimming or something she always says ok don't go then. So we end up staying at home.

The thing is though, i know she secretly likes putting her feet up and 'secretly' watching Eastenders or Some girls. The only thing i NEVER try to get out of is piano because both my parents are super super super strict about it and act like i'll die if i miss one lesson. I mean, come on people i don't even like the piano i just wanted to play it when i was like six and now they won't let me give up. 

We pulled up at the academy and mum practically dragged me towards the door and rang the little yellow buzzer.

"Come in." A posh ladies voice spoke through the tiny little holes. I had always wondered how intercoms worked. We walked through the oak wood hallways and finally found Room 408. 

I stepped inside and Dr John Carsten welcomed me with a hefty handshake. When i looked through the glass on the door, mum was gone. 

"Hello Sylvia." His breath stunk of fish.

I always tell him my names SYLVIE but he always says Sylvia and its super annoying.

I can already tell this will be a boring ass lesson....


Michaels POV

I called my girlfriend Mya and asked her if she wanted to come over and she said she'll be round in ten minutes, my parents dont really approve of boyfriends and girlfriends but as i'm nineteen they cant say nothing.

I hear a car pull up and open the front door for my beautiful girlfriend. She races up the stairs and wraps me into a hug. 

I've missed her for so long im just glad shes back, her hair is even longer down her back and i love the way shes a little bit small. 

She went on tour with Justin Bieber for a year and im pretty sure shes going back in a few months. I really will miss her again... We've been together for three years and were still going strong but its been really hard with her being on tour and crying down the phone to me about homesickness. I always wanted to be there and hug her. 

We bundle inside and cuddle up on the couch in our room, she kisses me on the lips, wrapping her slender arms around my body and i'm just glad to have her back.


Sylvies POV

FINALLY! Pianos over and i swear to God i nearly killed myself during that lesson. Hes so annoying how he speaks... Hes like an old man nerd but uglier.

Mum says i have to walk home and its just begun raining, great... Just my luck. I pull out my Jack Wills umbrella and trudge through the cold wet backstreets of Melbourne, dragging my black boots across the gravelly pavement. My hair is knotted and its whooshing around in the wind which tickles my bare neck. I pull the umbrella closer to my head and carry on marching home.

When i finally reach out house i sigh with relief, the gate's open so i dont have to faff around with the key and fingerprint shiz niz. I see someone elses car parked in mums usual spot so i know mums not home yet. Its probably Myas she came back from tour so I'm sure shes gonna want to come over and get cozy with my brother.

Ew. That sounded wrong. 

I push the front door open and its eerily quiet. I keep silent as i tiptoe up the two flights of stairs to reach Mikes room. I press my ear gently agains the cool wood but its silent. This is freaking me out, i cautiously push the door open a crack and poke my head round. There is my brother and his girlfriend both butt naked tangled up in the sheets, barely covering their private areas. 

Oh my god, i just walked into my brother basically getting it on with a girl i've known for like seven years.




Hows it going guyzz man

I know this is a terrible story but please comment or there is no point of me going on.


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