Could it be you

Same old storyline.
Boring life, rich parents... Blah blah blah.
Sylvies had enough of it.
When her friend gives her an opportunity she can't help but except where will the path of life lead her?
Its all up to her, her decisions, her choices and her mistakes.
And this time, its her who has to own up and take the blame.
Because she's in trouble, with Justin Bieber.


2. Chapter One

Sylvies POV


Another day, fun.

The sun is shining right in my eyes and damn it hurts.

Beethoven is blaring from downstairs and its making my room vibrate. Way to go mum and dad really living on the outside!

So, this is me... The classic rich girl that gets everything she wants when she wants but trust me, its not as good as everyone makes it out to be. My heads pounding and i realise its already eleven am. Great, I have piano at one, synchronized swimming at two and dress fitting at three.

I really hate my life right now. My phones vibrating on the desk so i lean over as far as i can without getting out of bed to reach it. Yup i'm really lazy just like NO-ONE else in my family.

I press the cracked middle button and the smudgy screen lights up,

"HEY BOO!" A text from Elise ma homie.

"Hey you spazzy child." I reply giggling like a little kid.

I then throw my phone across the room and hit the hay.



Michaels POV

Mum and Dad told me to go and wake Sylvie up but to be honest she freaks me out.

Especially in the morning.

She hates being woken up and so do i but unlike her i just get on with it. SHE lays down and goes back to sleep after one second.

I wander cautiously over to Sylvies room and push the door slightly ajar. She's sleeping face down, snoring like nobodys watching. Her phone is cracked on the other side of the room but i guess it doesn't really matter. Her blonde hair is tangled all over the pillow and it stinks of perfume in here. 

I walk over and shake her shoulder carefully. She stirs slightly and mumbles 'fuck off' but then turns over and crashes out again. I shake her again but more violently and this time she sits up and stares at me evil style.

"What the hell you want you animal." She demands.

"Mum wants you downstair, fully dressed for piano in half an hour."

She glares at me and points at the door.

Bye to you too Sylvie.


Sylvies POV


Mike must have contaminated the room because right now it stinks like poisonous cologne and boy sweat. It makes me shiver in disgust as i think of him sweating all over my carpet. 

Eventually i decide to flop out of bed and shower in my en suite. Yes i have an en suite. Wow.

Yes my parents are extremely rich. Wow. Its old news guys, my parents have been rich for god knows how long. My hair is a matted mess so i decide to wash it and wear this..  

After i got dressed i stormed downstairs to see my mum humming along to Beethoven in the kitchen and my dad reading a bloody dictionary (!?!) 

What the hell is wrong with my family.... I'm pretty sure that im the only normal one around this place, the times already half twelve so i have the pleasure to go to a boring piano lesson for three quarters of an hour with a grouchy old arsehole.

Oh well! 




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