Found (A 1D Fanfic)

She didn't ever think he would do so much damage. He had already done a shit ton in her life, but never did she think he would go so far. Never did she think her father would reach such a heightened point of anger, to where she is driven to seek help from her one and only friend, Zayn Malik. She didn't think that such a small thing could do such a great amount of harm in her life, and hurt so many. She just wanted to die. Yet Zayn would never let the girl he's secretly in love with die. Never.


2. Chapter 2

Cassie's POV:

I woke up to the sight of Zayn lying next to me on my small mattress. His eyes fluttered ever so lightly as I slowly sat up, attempting not to wake him. I checked the time on my small wall clock and saw that it was six in the morning. I always wake up on time in school, it's like my internal clock is set perfectly. I left my room upstairs hurrying across the hall to the washroom, careful not to wake my dad. I took a hot shower, constantly turning the heat up more and more. I love the burn I feel on my skin as I wish for the water to wash away my sins.


I walked back across the hall and picked a pair of black skinny jeans and a black tee shirt out of my closet. I slip them on a Zayn peacfully sleeps. I feel so bad for him, I cause nothing but trouble for him but he still comes to help me everynight. He lays with me everynight and comforts me, holding me. Trying to help me get through the horrible dreams that follow me from my past, from my Mother's murder. I made sure all my bracelets were in place, making sure they covered my cuts. Old ones, and recent ones.

I bent over Zayn and started whispering in his ear the most ridiculous things I could think of,"The rainbow unicorns are going to get you Zaynie." I whisper with a smile on my face. "Hurry before they eat your cupcakes." I couldn't help but laugh as I saw his rested face turn into a confused one. He rolls over and opens his eyes at me. Blinking repeatedly, trying to get used to the light.


"What the fuck Cass?" He laughs. "You okay?" He says while smiling.


I smirk before answering,"Never better handsome, now get up and get ready for school." He gives me an odd look before he says anything.


"Mmm...I'm not sure. I kinda wanna do something first." An evil grin enlarges on his face.


"And what would tha-" I couldn't finish my sentence before he grabs me around the waist, tickling my sides and blowing rasperries in my neck. 


"Stop it, you crazy person!" I shriek and laugh at the same time. "You are insane!" I screech.


"Maybe I am" He replies. The evil grin still sitting smugly on his face. I screech some more in laughter as he drops me down onto my bed. Then, without any word communication whatsoever, he kisses me on my cheek and jumps out the window. I laugh as he pretends he is some kung-fu master flying through the air. I still have no idea how he can jump across without falling. I attempted once, and failed miserably, falling into the shrubbery below me. Since my terrible attempt, he has been the one to jump room to room. I haven't attempted to since.







"You better pick me up you butthole!" I yell out the window at him jokingly. He gave me an odd look, before smiling at me. He finished fixing his hair every so elegantly before answering me.


"Awe, do I have to?" He smiles. "I was hoping I could just ditch ya, you can walk can't you?" I threw his hoodie he left over here at him before laughing and walking away. I reached for my four year old ripped up book bag and the small iPod that Zayn got me for Christmas last year. Running my hand over the small engravement that he had out onto it, I smiled, "Everything will be okay in the end. If it is not okay, it's not the end." 


Walking down the stairs with my iPod in my hand and my headphones in my ears, I turned on my Sleeping with Sirens playlist, and listened to, If I'm James Dean you are Audrey Hepburn. Singing along quietly as I put two blueberry waffles in the small and dinky toaster. I walked over to my knocked out father on the couch and started cleaning up his crushed and empty beer cans. My waffles popped as I was putting a blanket over my sleeping father. I quickly grabbed my waffles and headed out the door, making sure to lock it. 

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