Found (A 1D Fanfic)

She didn't ever think he would do so much damage. He had already done a shit ton in her life, but never did she think he would go so far. Never did she think her father would reach such a heightened point of anger, to where she is driven to seek help from her one and only friend, Zayn Malik. She didn't think that such a small thing could do such a great amount of harm in her life, and hurt so many. She just wanted to die. Yet Zayn would never let the girl he's secretly in love with die. Never.


1. Chapter 1

"Mummy!" I screamed. "Mummy what's going on?" I couldn't stop crying, and neither could Mummy. Why was she sad so much? Why is she never happy?

"Hide under the bed baby girl, Mummy will be right back." my mum whispered, panic in her voice. The knocking on the door kept going and I was really scared. I tried to wipe my tears up but they kept coming down on me, like a pretty waterfall. Just like the ones I saw with Mummy and Daddy last summer, they were so pretty. What was that place called again? Nigeria Falls? Nira Falls? No no, It was Niagra, that's it. Mummy said that's the same place Mummy and Daddy met. We were so happy last Summer, me, Mummy and Daddy.

My thoughts were interrupted by more pounding at the door. I heard the furniture moving and i heard a clicking sound. It sounded like the black thing Daddy told me to never touch. He'd spank me, hard, if i ever touched it. He said it could hurt me, and that it was only for big people. Everything is for big people I thought. 

The pounding stopped for a quick moment, I thought it was all done. I thought wrong. I heard a big crashing noise in the living room. Then, a man yelling. He sounded a lot like Daddy, but it couldn't be Daddy. Daddy never gets this mad at me or Mummy. Just a little bit, just like all other Daddy's do. If we did a bad thing, he'll drink his grown up drink and hit me and Mummy. But all Daddy's do that, so it's not like it's a big deal.

I heard my Mommy scream as she ran upstairs, into the hallway that leads into my room, where I am, under my bed. I knew she was running upstairs because I heard the familiar squeaks and groans that the stairs make when I usually leave at night to go see my best friend, at our secret hiding place in the forest. No one knows about it, just me and him. It's our special place when Daddy and Mommy fight. He goes there with me and we just hide, hide from everyone. It's our dream land, and I love it there.

I hear the familiar squeaks and groans of the stairs once again as another person rushed up the staircase. Mummy ran into my room, holding Daddy's black thing.

My Mummy rushed to whisper to me, tears running down both of our faces, " Don't come out baby, no matter what okay? I love you baby, okay? Mummy loves you, just be quiet and do-"

"Leanne!" The man yelled as he barged in through the door. "How many times do I have to fucking tell you!" He screamed at my Mummy.

I knew who this was, I just couldn't believe it was my Daddy. He never got this mad at me or Mummy, never. He charged at Mummy and she held up Daddy's object in her hands.

"I swear to fucking God, James! You make one more move and I will shoot! I'm sick and tired of all this shit you have put me through, us through! She doesn't deserve this and you kno-" My Mummy's words were silenced by my Daddy's hands on her head, thus creating her to drop Daddy's object. He hit her head on the wall a bunch of times, a lot of times. Why would Daddy do this? What did Mummy do? Mummy fell on the ground, red stuff coming out of her head, on the wall, and on Daddy's hands. It was the same stuff that comes out of my knee when I fell last week, and Mummy helped me. Daddy hit me and her for that too, he said it was my fault, that I had to fend for myself. That I didn't need Mummy helping me with everything. He said that I was a dumbfuck, which is a really bad word. And that I am a clutz, that I shouldn't of fallen. Daddy only hits us to help us though. Because we just need it to be good people, like him. Other people get it too, I see it on the news alot, but then he turns it off. He says I don't need the government influencing me. I guess we just need more hitting than other people though, me and Mummy are pretty stupid I guess.

Daddy walked out of the room, down the familiar creaking of the stairs, and out the what I believe to be gone doorway. I fell asleep under the bed, just looking at my sleeping Mummy. She's really pretty when she sleeps. She is really pretty when she doesn't sleep, which is alot. But she is really pretty when she does. I dreamt of me and Mummy at the park, on the swings. I have this dream alot. Mummy's pretty blonde hair, which I get from her, and her pretty yellow dress flowing as she moves with the wind, almost like it's her natural thing to do. Like she is a bird in the wind, about to fly away from us.

I woke up by the sound of a loud noise and red and blue lights. I thought I was still dreaming, so I tried to go back to my other dream of Mummy and the park. I couldn't though, it wouldn't happen. I looked out from under the bed and saw a bunch of police officers picking up Mummy on a mat thing. Why were they taking my Mummy? I had to stop them, she was my Mummy, not hers. They need to get their own. I screamed at them to drop my Mummy, but they didn't listen. They just kept taking her away. A really pretty brown police officer bent down to look under the bed at me.

"Honey, is this your Mum?" The pretty lady asked me. She looked really scared, and she had one of those black things that Daddy has on her belly. She's a big person though, so I guess she's allowed to have one.

"She's my Mummy where are you taking her!?!" I yelled at the lady.

"Somewhere good honey, it'll be okay"


Zayns POV:

I woke up to the sound of Cassie's horrible screams once again. I checked the time on my phone, 3:48 a.m. I grabbed my hoodie and jumped out my window, climbed onto the roof, and leaped into her room. She always kept her bedroom window open, she's been doing it since we were about 10. We've lived next to each other since we were at least one, and she's been my best friend since. I layed next to her on her small matress on the floor and held her in my arms. Whispering and soothing her in her ears.

"Shhhhh... Cassie it's okay baby girl it's just the dream again. Shhh... Wake up Cass, Wake up." I soothed her gently.

She was shaking and crying terribly. She had stopped screaming, but she hadn't woken up yet. I continued soothing her, whispering in her ear, hugging her. My poor Cass, I feel terrible she goes through this so much. So much pain and suffering, for such a harmless girl. She was crying louder now, so I hugged her tighter, starting to sing songs in her ear, trying to soothe her. She was always hard waking up from these dreams, like she was trapped almost. Trapped in the horrible replay of when she was just a five year old little girl. I remember the night all to clearly, I remember her dad yelling, and the horrible shrieks her mum had made. It was just terrible. My parents had left me alone that night, and the neighbors could care less about what was going on. I knew it was different that time though, so I called the police. I was a fucking five year old little boy having to call the damn police because no one else cared about her. No one did. Besides me that is.

Her cries softend as I sang and she rolled over into my chest, breathing heavily. She woke up suddenly with a start, scaring the living shit out of me. I should of expected her to doit, it happens every night. It still startled me though.

"Shhh...Cass it's just me baby girl, it's just Zayn. Shhh...I'm not going to hurt you, you are safe. It's okay." I soothed her cries as she softend them, just whimpering now. I though wish I could soothe her aching heart.

"Mummy.." She whispered into my chest, "Mummy.."

"No princess, it's me, Zayn. It's okay..It's okay.." I whispered as I kissed her hair.

I layed there with her as she whimpered, as she replayed the worst night of her life in her head. As she's been doing so for the past ten years. I layed there, holding my best friend, my princess Cassie. As I have been doing so for ten years.

She looked up at me, her eyes puffy and red, "Zayn, it happened again... He did it again..."

"I know baby girl, go back to sleep, it's okay" I whispered in her ear. Oh how I wish I could mend the pieces of her heart back together. The pieces he has ripped apart and thrown back at her. I hate him. I hate him so much for  doing this to my Cassie. He doesn't even care about the pain he has caused her.

"Don't leave me, Zayn" She mumbled to me, as she drifted off into slumber.

I layed there, staring at her beautiful, angelic face. I pushed a strand of bright red hair out of her face, and rubbed my thumb across her cheek.

"Don't worry baby girl, i'm not going anywhere." I whispered. And I kiss the top of her head, knowing she wouldn't notice the affectionate guesture, as she has already fallen back into slumber.

(A/N: Hey guys! So I hope you like the first chapter of Found. I know it's kind of short but i'll be hopefully updating daily and they'll be getting longer as I go. Anyways, please rate and comment, thanks, Love you xoxo.)

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