Falling for the Bad Boy

"That's the thing." I nod, my eyes fixed on him like he is going to disappear at any moment because I don't know what he is going to say, I don't know why we are in his car and I don't know why he is almost crying. "I'm in love with you and I shouldn't be." Those words break my heart.

When Mackenzie Parsons has a feud with a boy in the hall Zach Kirby comes and saves her from getting hurt. After that event Mackenzie begins seeing a different side to Zach a side that no one else has seen. Is Mackenzie falling for Zach and does she even want to know?

This is a classic bad boy meets good girl romance.

Copyright © Georgia Ward 2013


2. {chapter two}

“But mum!” I say, jabbing my hands out in a serious gesture, she isn’t being fair. Mother thinks that I should be grounded for the next two weeks for causing such an incident at school. “I didn’t do anything! I was the one provoked!” I say angrily but my mother doesn’t move an inch she just stares at the door hopelessly.

“Let’s wait until your father gets home.” Mother says with a stern voice, I know this isn’t good. She will tell father her point of the story and not mine nor the schools. She will miss out parts that put me in a good light. She will tell it as if I was the one creating the situation and then making it worse. This is how my mother works.

I storm to my room and slam the door shut while shouting angrily. My family is never fair when it comes to punishments. My father goes easy on us and my mother is just an overprotective control freak, whenever I get into trouble she makes it sound ten times as worse as it actually is.

After I had talked to the principal he sent me home so I missed last lesson, to be honest I don’t mind, I got to miss American History with my least favourite teacher, Mrs. Henderson. Yes she is Ruby’s mother and she hates me because Ruby has down talked me to her.

I have not talked to anyone about the fight, or seen anyone for that matter, and how Kirby saved me. Though I have no idea what to say to anyone without the girls freaking and talking about how hot and bad Kirby is and how lucky I am he saved me.

Am I lucky though? So what if the bad boy of the school saved me in the hall? Anyone could have, if they wanted to, what would make Kirby want to help me? Maybe he was just in the right place at the right time and just thought as an instinct to help me out.

I have always avoided Kirby and his friends, not just because of hating Ruby but the fact is that they all get into trouble, real bad trouble, all of the time. I have never and will never want to get into stuff like that; I am perfectly fine knowing people and keeping myself to myself.

There is a knock at my door, I call to whoever it is and they open the door, peeking around. “Hey, I heard what happened. Wanna chat?” I can always rely on my brother to be there to listen, digest and give me some advice on what to do.

Greg is leaving for university in exactly twenty-two days and I actually do not know what I will do when he leaves, I will cry and I don’t like admitting it but I know that I will. Greg is kind of a part of me, not just in blood, we could latch onto each other and it would make no difference to our lives.

I sit on the bed and Greg sits on my desk chair. “Mum is being unfair.” I say and Greg nods.

“In what way?” Greg asks.

“She wants to ground me for two weeks because a guy provoked me and then another guy saved me.” Greg spins a little in the chair, kind of like a child would.

“Who were the guys?” I’m not sure whether or not to tell him, I do not know what his reaction will be when I tell but I do it anyway because then he can help me.

I pause before speaking, “Kirby and a guy named Marty Hudson.” I say slowly.

“Zach Kirby?” I nod, people call him Kirby because they say it sounds better than Zach but to be honest if I could I would just call him Zach, if I ever spoke to him. “Was he the one who provoked you?”

I shake my head immediately, “No it was Marty who did that. Za-Kirby saved me.” I understand why Greg would think Kirby would be the one to provoke me; he is the school player, bad boy, Mr. Popular, of course he seems like the person to provoke girls while they are stood by their lockers.

“Oh.” That is all he says before he stands.

“What are you going to do? Marty got hit pretty hard and Kirby didn’t do anything wrong.” I say, trying to keep him away from being protective and hurting anyone for me.

“I’m going to leave it.” I let a breath go and watch as he leaves my room, closing the door silently as he does. That doesn’t seem like an action of someone who is going to do something about a situation, or is it? Maybe he is acting like he won’t do anything but in the back of my mind I feel like something is going to happen, and soon.


As Thursday rolls around I realize I haven’t seen or talked to Kirby about the fight, nor have I spoken to Marty but I suspect he is trying to stay away from me.

My suspicions are dashed as he approaches me in the hallway. I shove my bag into the locker and turn but when he speaks I stop, the least I could do is listen is it not? “I came to apologize.” Marty says apologetically, I turn on my heel and keep my eyes on him and not on anything else, not the people passing, the bell ringing or the rain outside.

I keep my eyes on him to see if he is actually telling me the truth, I have a knack with people’s expressions when lying. As I stare I soon notice a separate bruise on his face, one that Kirby didn’t cause because it is nowhere near Kirby’s bruise which is now fading.

This one is new.  

I step forward and move my hand to his face; he jolts to the side a little at the touch. “Stay still.” I examine the bruise and find that it isn’t just recently new, it was done today. His face is still swollen where the bruise is showing, that must have been one hard punch to create such bruising so quickly.

“Who did it?” I ask, removing my hand from his face, Marty looks a little distant from me and I know that he will not tell me unless I force it from him. “Tell me who did it...or...or...I will get Kirby on you again.” I manage, lifting my head up a little and pointing into his chest. It is the best I can do at the moment.

Marty shakes his head and then walks away from me swiftly so I can’t stop him.

I turn in the almost empty corridor and head for my lesson.


I head for the cafeteria and head over to my normal table when Ruby stops me. She seems bitter and mean at the moment and I am not too sure I want to talk to her while all of this is going off. “Stay away from my boyfriend.” Ruby says harshly to me. I yank my arm back and step back, looking disgustingly at her.

“I didn’t ask him to help me.”I say.

“Well, I don’t care. Stay away.” Ruby turns and walks away, back to her ‘friends’ and when she stops she turns and glares at me.

I sigh and walk over to Maxwell, Emily and a few girls.

Then the gossiping begins.

But this time it isn’t about random people, or parties, it is about me, the fight and Kirby.

I sit and watch as the girls are almost frantic about it making comments like, “Why did Kirby help you?”

“Who was the guy annoying you?”

“Was Marty really trying to kiss you?”

“When did this happen?”

I don’t answer them, just put my head down and stare off at the other side of the cafeteria; I spot Kirby and watch him. I don’t know why though, maybe I am just thinking that he will turn and nod at me, but he doesn’t and I doubt he ever will acknowledge my existence ever again.

Then the cafeteria doors open and my brother walks in, looks around and then heads towards whatever he is looking for, Kirby.

I stand, thinking about the worst scenario possible.

But Greg doesn’t make a scene; he smiles at Kirby and throws his arm around him, moving him to the side. Maxwell taps me and I turn. “What are you doing Mack?” He asks as I sit back down.

“Greg is over there.” I point and as I do, Kirby turns to look at me. Greg waves and smiles and I give an uneasy wave and smile in return. Maxwell makes a noise of agreement. “What?” I ask.

“I wonder what they are talking about.” Emily says dazedly.

“Me too.” I say standing and approaching them.

Greg greets me kindly which makes me show a confused expression. “What are you doing here Greg?” I ask as I turn and catch Kirby’s eye. I quickly make eye contact with Greg to get rid of the awkwardness.

I wonder how Ruby is reacting to this.

“I came to talk to Zach.” Greg says casually using Kirby’s real name. Here, that is a form of closeness to the boy as he never allows anyone he doesn’t know or doesn’t like to use his real name.

“Why?” I am persistent and Greg can see that I am doing that. It has always annoyed him when I am persistent with him. Though I do always seem to get what I want.

“I will tell you later.” Greg says grittily at me.

“Hello Mackenzie.” I turn to Kirby; he isn’t smiling at me just keeping a straight expression. Greg’s hand no longer graces Kirby’s broad shoulder.

I blink a few times before realizing I have to reply, “Hi.” I say quietly and awkwardly. “Thank you.” I say. “For helping me out. I never said thanks.” I say a little louder. Kirby’s lips curve upward a little, almost smiling before he dismisses it, turns his head looks to Ruby and then turns back. And with a nod our conversation is over and I almost feel rejected. Well he did reject my thanks.

I turn to Greg, dismiss myself and walk back to the table with slightly red cheeks from that conversation. “Did you find out what they were talking about?” Maxwell asks. I shake my head and raise my eyebrow, meaning let’s leave it.


I slide into Maxwell’s car and close the door but as I do a hand goes to stop me. I look up to find Quinn stood staring down at me. He says hello to Maxwell and then turns back to me. Quinn puts on his irresistible voice before speaking, “Are you coming to my party after the game tomorrow?” He asks, leaning his arm on the roof of the car and leaning over so his head is almost inside the car.

“I’m not even sure I am going to the game.” I reply shrugging and giving him a little puppy dog look.

“C’mon. It will be fun. You literally never come out anymore.” Quinn pouts at me.

Then Maxwell speaks, “He’s right.” I turn to him and give him an unimpressed look.

Now I will have to go to the party or someone will force me, then I remembered what my mother said to me on Monday. “I can’t I’m grounded because of the fight.” It isn’t a lie, not in any way. Mother told the story and father said that I had to be grounded but just for a week.

That caused an argument but it was final if father said it.

“Sneak out.” Quinn suggests.

I think about it “But I have never done that” I say looking to Maxwell and then Quinn.

“We will help you.” Quinn says, looking over to Maxwell. He nods and it is decided. I am sneaking out of the house tomorrow.

Quinn winks, “See you tomorrow rule breaker.” I smile and then he closes the door and walks off towards his car.

Maxwell smiles at me. “Rule breaker.” He repeats and I hit him slightly. 

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