Falling for the Bad Boy

"That's the thing." I nod, my eyes fixed on him like he is going to disappear at any moment because I don't know what he is going to say, I don't know why we are in his car and I don't know why he is almost crying. "I'm in love with you and I shouldn't be." Those words break my heart.

When Mackenzie Parsons has a feud with a boy in the hall Zach Kirby comes and saves her from getting hurt. After that event Mackenzie begins seeing a different side to Zach a side that no one else has seen. Is Mackenzie falling for Zach and does she even want to know?

This is a classic bad boy meets good girl romance.

Copyright © Georgia Ward 2013


1. {chapter one}

I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect. And it’s these things I’d believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn’t all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything. F. Scott Fitzgerald 


I have been trying to hide the fact that over these past few weeks of starting my junior year I have been a little different. I have been trying the I don’t care look with my reputation but no one has caught on so today when I walk through the doors to the school, for the start of a new week, I will just be normal me, no more trying new looks or personalities to try and please others. I will be myself, little old me, and that is not a lie. I am smaller than the majority of people in my school and that is a bummer but what you going to do?

My looks do make up for the lack of my height. I have been told that my long brown hair always looks soft and straight and that my warm blue eyes look like the sky before the sun sets, though those words come from Maxwell I take them kindly and think that it is true and not just an exaggeration from my best friend.

A beep of a horn outside signals that it is time to leave, I give my brother a wave, my sister a glare and my mother a slight kiss on the cheek. My father has already left for work otherwise I would spend ages letting him squeeze me to death before I leave.

Maxwell sits in the car, the music on full blast, tapping the steering wheel and moving his messy head of hair back and forth to the beat. As I open the door and climb in I laugh at him and say, “Why are you strangling cats again, what have I told you?” Maxwell turns the music down and gives me a dirty look. “What? It isn’t good to strangle cats, just telling you.” I say jokingly, and then moving my bag to the side so I can get my feet in.

“Ready to go?” I nod and he pulls out of the drive careful not to hit anything and scrape his new car.

“You really need to clean your car.” I say looking around, there are fast food wrappers scattered all over and on the back seats are cluttered with all sorts of different items, clothes, shoes, a pair of...knickers? “Are those knickers?” I ask Maxwell picking it up with a disgusting facial expression. Maxwell laughs at my expression and then pulls into school. I throw them down back onto the backseat and get the hand sanitizer out of the dashboard compartment.

I climb out of the car and wipe my hands on my jeans. Then I grab my back and sling it over my shoulder quickly. Maxwell locks the car and then waves to Quinn across the car park, Quinn waves back and then slings his arm over his girlfriend, Lily.

Heading into the school I am greeted by a few girls dragging me over to the side to discuss the weekend. Although I am not a big girl when it comes to fashion, boys and gossip but I can handle it.

“June made out with Rich.” Hannah says with excitement, she had been betting on the two of them getting together at Quinn’s party on Saturday. It is like she was just waiting for it to happen.

“I heard that Sandy nearly stripped at Quinn’s party.” Marlene says, looking at Sandy with a large grin on her face.

“I did not.” Sandy replies with a knowing tone.

“Though Quinn’s party was really good.” There are noises of agreement and then the bell rings so we head off to our lessons separately or together.

I have Phys Ed first thing on a Monday morning, could life get any better than that? I literally feel like crawling my way around the track and so do most of the other girls in my class.

Hair tied back, track uniform on we set off running and we can’t stop until Mr. Florence tells us to and that seems like forever normally.

Today it is cooler than normal and I am wearing a t-shirt and shorts, my arms and legs have goose bumps all over.  I feel my hair move side to side on my back as I run, moving my arms and taking as long strides as I possibly can. I am almost out of breath when Mr. Florence blows the whistle and we all slow down to a jog, moving over towards him.

“Morning girls.” We turn to see Quinn passing by outside the track, he waves and winks. I roll my eyes and giggle a little. Luckily his girlfriend, Lily, isn’t here otherwise she’d probably run away crying saying how much he doesn’t love her, and he is just playing her. I’ve heard that more than enough times from her recently. What does she expect? The only two lads higher up in the school than him are Ty and Kirby, all players, either they have been or still are. Having a girlfriend doesn’t keep them down, no way.

Mr. Florence shoos Quinn away and then walks back over to us. “As you know girls there is a race coming up and I want to pick two of you to go and do that race.” There a murmurs and I just know he is going to pick the fastest runners and I am one of them because of my small build I am quick and agile.

“Mackenzie Parsons and,” Mr. Florence looks to his sheet of paper and then to another girl, a girl I despise, “Ruby Henderson, you two are my star girls, so start training for this.” I nod and then shoot Ruby a glare. I am better at racing than her but I suppose she will do anything to try and beat me now she is up against me.

As I walk away from the track I hear Ruby laughing behind me and then I hear my name, I spin around on my heel and stop. “Is there something you’d like to say to me?” The words are harsh and bitter when they leave my mouth.

I know a lot of people in the school and I am definitely very popular, people like me and Maxwell but the one person who I despise out of the whole school is Ruby. She is nasty, rude and she thinks she is queen bee of the school just because Kirby, the head of the lacrosse team, is her boyfriend. But I know things about Ruby and she knows I do, she wouldn’t even dare mess with me but she does try to get on my nerves.

“No, I’m fine thanks.” Ruby says with a sneer so I roll my eyes and continue walking towards the changing rooms.


I slam my locker shut and hit my fist into it, I admit it hurt when I did that but I need to keep myself from hitting Ruby again, yes, again, the time before she was basically rubbing in my face that I have never had a boyfriend, been kissed or been on a date. So I hit her and I did it hard. I got a two day suspension but only that because I am a star student of theirs and normally stay out of trouble.

I turn on my heels and head for the cafeteria where, hopefully, Maxwell is. If he is there I can vent my feelings to him and he won’t mind because he does that with me anyway.  

I spot him immediately and walk speedily over, chucking my bag down onto the floor and my books onto the table with a loud thud. Maxwell and Emily turn to stare at me.

Emily is my best female friend; she is pretty with shoulder length dark blonde hair and a small cute figure. Emily always wears cute dresses and flats to show off her girly figure and seem summery and keep the moods. Whenever Emily is in the room people are happy because she is helping out and making everyone feel better, she is a very nice person and kind at heart.

I snap my eyes to them and throw myself down. “That, Ruby, seriously I’d like to see her head against the lockers.” I say angrily, Maxwell puts his arm around me and pulls me to him. Emily looks caringly at me.

“You don’t need to hurt her to get the message across.” Emily says with a sweet tone.

“I know, I know.” I say sorting my books into a neat pile on the table.

When I hear laughter I snap my head over to where it is coming from. Quinn, Lily, Kirby, Ruby and Ty are hanging around at the end of the table we are sat on with smiles on their faces. I catch Ruby’s eye and she turns to glare at me and with a flick of her eyebrow I turn away.

Then she says something about me loudly and I snap my head back to stare at her. “I heard that she has never been kissed.” That really enrages me, I stand weakly, the chair squeaking loudly as I do. The cafeteria begins to go silent and most eyes turn to stare at me.

“Mack, sit down, please.” Maxwell says, his arms trying to pull me back down but I stand up straight, proud, and keep my eyes on Ruby who is smiling at herself because of her immature comment towards me.

“Think you are all that?” I ask loudly. “Would you like me to tell everyone in this room your secrets?” I say snidely, signalling around the room. I see Ruby cower a little but then she stands her ground. I watch as she shares a look with Lily, a look of frustration. She is stuck, I know her secrets and she knows that. It scares her to think that but it is true.

Then Ruby sits down and I hear murmurs from around the room. I shoot her a dirty look, grab my books and bag and leave the cafeteria alone and in a bad mood. I head for my locker.

Eyes are on me as I reach my locker, who knew that word could travel this fast, it has only been two minutes since the scene in the cafeteria. I open my locker with a force and throw my stuff in, grabbing my hoodie as I do.

When I close my locker I hear the bell goes and as I turn, I jump back a little at the person stood deadly close to me. He is looking at his nails nonchalantly. “Never been kissed eh?” I roll my eyes.

“Can I help you?” I ask bitterly.

“Can I have a kiss?” I snort a little at the question, he cannot be serious but he isn’t laughing. His eyes meet mine and he reaches out to touch me.

I step back away from him, “Don’t touch me.” I say.

“What about my kiss?” He asks casually.

“In your dreams.”  

“Yes, actually.” I sigh and go to walk around him when he grabs my arm tightly. I push him off me but he does not let go. What is with this guy? I don’t even know him and he is hanging by my locker, asking for a kiss and then trying to force me into it.

I push him and again and go to hit him when he is hit by someone else. I turn to find Kirby shaking his fist, it is obvious he hit the guy, and pretty hard as it rebounded to make his fist hurt.

The boy sits up against the locker and laughs up at me. “What the hell is wrong with you?” Kirby asks next to me, his voice angry, now the boy is laughing a little bit more. I give him the most confused look ever because the situation is seriously confusing. Who is this boy and why is laughing at me? More importantly why is Kirby, the person of whom I have never spoken to, defending me?

“Kirby?” It is Ruby behind me, I turn to find her glaring at me and looking worryingly at Kirby. “What have you done?” Kirby goes to reply to her question when the principal bellows at us.

“Zach Kirby, Mackenzie Parsons, my office now. You too Marty Hudson.” Marty Hudson? Why does that name ring a bell? Well there is no time to think about it because I am being escorted to the principal’s office for something that I didn’t cause.

I am now sitting in the waiting area for the principal’s office; my mother is going to love me even more than she already does already. I am in so much trouble. Yes I am.

As if readying my mind Kirby turns to me and says, “It’ll be alright.” I slowly turn to him, weirdly, awkward almost.

“I didn’t do anything.” I say as if it is blatant to him and it seems it is.

“I know he just wants you here to confirm things.” Kirby says referring to the principal. He turns back away, as do I. Behind us is Marty Hudson, probably listening to our conversation so I lower my voice when I speak again.

I feel Kirby turn to look at me again, “What do you mean?” I can feel his eyes boring into the side of my face. It is a little annoying but at least I know he is looking at me as I speak.

“He just needs confirmation, you know, to understand what happened.” I turn and nod, biting my fingers.

“Will you be in a lot of trouble?” It sounds like I care, and I kind of do. He saved me from the douche sat behind me right now. I care about what happens to him now because it is partly my fault.

Kirby shakes his head, “I get into fights, yes, but I am a star pupil. They don’t want to lose me.” I nod, understanding the words he is speaking. I suppose it is in the school’s best interest to keep good students on the right track and keep their record good.

“Mackenzie Parsons.” I snap my head up to the principal who is halfway out of his office door. I stand and listen to Kirby wish me good luck as I walk into the principal’s office. I thank him before I go in and that is the end to our conversation and I don’t know if we will ever speak again.  

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