When the boys of One Direction travel to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, Harry has his mind set on it being the worst trip ever. Surrounded by mountains and the forecast full of cold weather and cloudy skies, he knows it will be completely unpleasant. Then he runs in to a girl named Anna while taking a trip into town, and his entire world is turned upside-down.... But is it for better or for worse?


4. Waking up to Anna

HARRY's POV I learned a lot about Anna last night, to be honest. Her favorite color is blue, she's never been to a clumber oarty, and she's a great kisser. After we got back to the lodge, I invited her back to my room, and luckily, she said yes to my plead. And now here we are, the only thing covering our bare bodies is a thin sheet, and its freezing. "Good morning, beautiful," I say, kissing her forehead. "Mmm," she hums. "Good morning." "Did you sleep well?" "Considering neither of us could stop until about..... 3 hours ago.... I'm pretty darn tired." I laugh. We hadn't stopped until 5 am. That says a lot. "And it was amazing," I sigh. "Agreed," she whispers, cuddling farther into my bare chest. "Are you cold?" I ask. She nods her head yes and I tighten my wrap around her. "Better," she says. "Much better." We lay like that for five minutes in a comfortable silence, and I love it. But for some reason, Zayn decides to call. "Oi! Get your lazy asses out of bed! Because of you, we didnt fall asleep until 5, and we're up!" He shouts down the phone. "Zayn!" I hear Perrie shout at him. "Hi dear," she says. "Hi Perrie," I sigh. "You need to bring your new bird down to meet us, love," she says in her usual sweet persona. "Of course," I say, looking down at Anna. "Just let us get ready." "We'll wait in the lobby." "Right. See ya in about twenty." "Alright, darling." I click end and kiss Anna's forehead. "Time to get up, baby," I say. I lift her up bridal style and she giggles. We take a steamy shower together, and then got dressed. She made the wonderful decision to grab a pair of jeans and a sky blue blouse and uggs. "You like you could actually fit in with the other girlfriends," I say. "Oh yeah?" She asks. "How so?" "You're wearing city clothes," I say, using a country accent to pronounce 'city clothes.' She giggles and slaps my arm. We head down to the lobby, hand-in-hand. Right as we enter the large sitting room, El has Anna wrapped in a welcoming hug. "Its so great to meet you, Anna!" She says. "You too," Anna laughs. She has almost identical exchanges with everyome else and we head out to breakfast. **Sorry for the short chapter! I'm having writers block! The next chapter will be longer and more interesting, I promise! Lots of love, Darcy xx
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