When the boys of One Direction travel to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, Harry has his mind set on it being the worst trip ever. Surrounded by mountains and the forecast full of cold weather and cloudy skies, he knows it will be completely unpleasant. Then he runs in to a girl named Anna while taking a trip into town, and his entire world is turned upside-down.... But is it for better or for worse?


2. Terms and Conditions

Anna's POV

I wake up early to my alarm clock and smile. 4:30 in the morning, just on time. I turn on my lamp and crawl out of bed. I slip on some blue jeans and my boots. I button up my flannel shirt and tuck it into the waist line of my jeans. I role the cuffs of the shirt up slightly and button them into position. I grab my hat off my coat hanger and plop onto my head. I turn off the lamp and run out the back door as quietly as possible. I run across the court yard to the stables.

As soon as I get to the barn, I slide open the heavy wooden door and turn on the lights.

"Who wants to go on a ride?" I smile at our fifteen horses: Dash, Collin, Merida, Jack, Hamish, Lucifer, Sadie, Gregor, Darby, Westley, Rose, Beau, Harley, Stella, and Danni.

I run to Darby's stall and pet down her long nose.

"Hey, good girl," I say and kiss the white stripe on the side of her neck that stands out from her all black coat. I saddle her up and lead her out of the barn. I close the door and lock it, then hop on and kick her side lightly.

"Lets ride, darby," I say, and she takes off running. We head toward the mountains, less than a mile away. 



I wake up around 7:00 to the boys atempting to shake me awake.

"Time for breakfast!" Louis says. I look outside to the rainy day and skake my head.

"Okay. I'll go into town and pick something up," I volunteer.

"But Rosemary has a cook that made us breakfast," Niall says. I sigh and get out of bed. I pull on a white t-shirt and black jeans. I put on my shoes and a jacket and tussel my hair lightly.

"Where are you going?" Liam asks slowly.

"I need some air. I'll be back in a couple hours. Tell Rosemary I said thank you, but I'm not hungry," I say, walking out to the lobby and leaving the lodge.

I walk into town, gazing at the mountains every now and then. I see a horse tied to a pole out front of a starbucks and laugh. Instead of driving cars, they ride horses. Welcome to Jackson.

I walk up to horse and pet its soft, black coat. A white stripe down her neck stands out from the rest of her fur. She's a beautiful horse, I'll admit that.

I walk into the starbucks and order a frappucino. When the barista hands it to me, I turn around and look for a place to sit. I smile to myself when I see Anna sitting at a table by herself, reading, and drinking hot chocolate. I walk over to her and sit nonchalantly.

"Hey," I say.

"Hi, Harry," she says, barely looking up from the book she's reading.

"You remembered my name!" I say sarcastically. She laughs lightly and closes the book.

"Okay, you have my attention. What do you want?" she asks. I smile and sit back in the chair.



"Okay, you have my attention. What do you want?" I say, smiling. I will admit, Harry is very charming. But he takes himself too seriously.

"I just really like you, Anna. You're a challenge, and I like it," he says. I smile and nod.

"Okay... continue," I say.

"I.... I want to take you out tonight. Just give me a chance. I promise you won't be disappointed."

I squint my eyes at him but my expression softens at his pleading emerald eyes.

"Okay, fine," I say. His face shows surprise and I laugh. "But I have some conditions."

"Of course. Anything," he says, still a bit shocked.

"One. You need to lighten up, try to have fun," I say.


"And two... we'll be doing something other than a fancy dinner."

"And what will that be?" he asks, following me out of the doors and up to Darby.

"I can't tell you. Just be ready by five. Wear blue jeans... the t-shirt you're wearing now is fine. You'll need long socks... and yep. You should be good," I say, climbing onto Darby. "Need a lift?" I ask, offering my hand. He takes it hesitantly and I pull him up on the saddle behind me.

"What are you doing?" he asks. I can hear the smile in his voice.

"Hold on tight, city boy," I smile and kick Darby on the side lightly. She takes off in a fast run and we head back towards the trail that leads to the lodge.

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