When the boys of One Direction travel to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, Harry has his mind set on it being the worst trip ever. Surrounded by mountains and the forecast full of cold weather and cloudy skies, he knows it will be completely unpleasant. Then he runs in to a girl named Anna while taking a trip into town, and his entire world is turned upside-down.... But is it for better or for worse?


3. Rodeo


At precisely 5pm, I'm standing at the door to Rosemary and Anna's living quarters. I knock a couple times before Anna opens the door and smiles.

"Hey," she says. "Come on in." She closes the door behind me and I lean up against the door frame of her room. She has on the same plaid, flannel button up shirt, cowgirl hat, blue jeans, and boots that she had on earlier. She walks up to me and plops a cowboy hat on top of my curls. She smiles and twists it lightly so it looks right.

"It was my daddy's," she says. I smile down at her and she turns around and walks to her bed. She pulls a box out from underneath it and takes out a pair of cowboy boots. She pushes them against my chest in a playful manor and I grab them from her. I follow her into the living room.

"We're going to a rodeo," she says, looking out the window and smiling at the now clear evening sky.

"Whats a rodeo?" I ask slowly.

"Put the boots on and you'll find out."

After I have the boots on, she grabs my hand and leads me out the back door and across the court yard toward a barn. She opens it and I see her mom standing at the back, grooming a couple horses.

"Harry, you've met Darby. You'll be riding her tonight, since she's good with beginners. And this here is Hamish. I'll be riding him," she says. I stop in front of Darby and pet her nose.

"Good to see ya, Darby" I laugh. "And who says I'm a beginner?" I say, turning to Anna.

"Oh really? How fast do you ride then, Styles?" she asks.

"Okay... so I'm probably not as advanced as you are, but I can ride," I say.

"Okay, okay. Do you know the signals?" she asks as I hop on Darby.

"Not really, no," I say.

"Well lucky for you, Darby can be controlled by words and motion. If you want he to go fast, apply more pressure into the kicks. If she doesn't speed up when you do that, then say "Lets ride, Darby," and she'll take off. To slow down, pull back on the reins and dig your heels into her side. It doesn't hurt her, don't worry. To turn right, you pull on the left rein. To turn, vice versa. You understand?" she explains quickly.

"Uh... yeah," I say. When we're outside, she pints to the trail we're supposed to take to get to the rodeo. And I must say, I'm pretty good at this riding thing.

It takes about 10 minutes to get there, and we take the horses into a stable.

"Hey, Anna," a tall. muscular boy says. "Hey Hamish, Darby."

"Hi, Clint," Anna says, rolling her eyes.

"Who's the city boy?" he asks. Oh my god, what a redneck.

"This is uh... my uh... my boyfriend," she says, smiling. I look at her questioningly but catch he flow.

"Yeah. I'm Harry," I say, shaking his hand.

"Boyfriend," Clint says confusedly.

"Yep! Love of my life," she says, cuddling into my side.

"We've been together for a few years now. I've been on tour though, so I couldn't come see my little Anna," I say in a pout-like fashion.

"Well then. I guess I'll se ya'll around," he puffs, marching away angrily.

Anna turns to me and laughs until she can't breathe.

"Thank you," she says.

"No problem. Who was that?"

"Clint. He used to work for my mom in the stables. She fired him because he was getting weird around me," she says, still a little breathless. "Hey, you know what you should do?" she asks, a devilish look in her eyes.

"What's that?" I ask.

"Try the bull."

"The what?" I ask. She pulls me up to a mechanical bull and put me in line, then hands me a ticket. 

"Ride em', cowboy," she whispers, then goes to stand and watch. She climbs up on the wooden fence around the bull and watches as I climb on.

"You owe me big time," I laugh.

"Yeah, okay," she laughs back. "Give him a level 3, Greg!" she yells. The bull starts to spin around recklessly, tossing me this way and that. I hold on for dear life but can't help the smile set across my features. After about twenty seconds, I fly off and land on a soft surface. Anna jumps over the fence and runs to me, bending over me and smiling.

"Way to go, cowboy! You stayed on for a full minute!" she laughs. I sit up and grin. It felt like twenty seconds. She pulls me up and looks me in the eye. She pulls back towards the games and other attractions.


I smile as Eleanor, Perrie, Danni, and Bri come out of the van and walk towards us. I wrap my arms around El and inhale her sweet perfume.

"Hello, beautiful," I say into her neck.

"I've missed you so much," she says through happy tears. We all walk back into the lodge and up to my suite. We just talk for a while before we hear the barn doors opening.

"What was that?" Perrie asks in her Jordie accent. 


"Harry and Anna must be back," Liam says. We all rush onto the porch and see Harry and Anna sharing a rather passionate kiss. Before anyone can say anything, Eleanor puts her finger to her lips and motions us inside. "So let's talk about Harry's new bird, shall we?" Danielle says.
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