When the boys of One Direction travel to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, Harry has his mind set on it being the worst trip ever. Surrounded by mountains and the forecast full of cold weather and cloudy skies, he knows it will be completely unpleasant. Then he runs in to a girl named Anna while taking a trip into town, and his entire world is turned upside-down.... But is it for better or for worse?


1. Jackson, Wyoming



"Mate, relax. Jackson is the perfect place for vacation. No paps, no screaming girls, no blinding lights..." Louis says.

"And no schedule," Niall sighs happily.

I role my eyes and sink farther down into my seat in the car. Of course, they had to drag us out to the middle of nowhere. Jackson, Wyoming. When Simon told us we would be going on vacation, I was hoping for a place like Bora Bora or Hawaii. Not Wyoming. I must admit, though, its a cute little town. Theres a lot of tourists, but its really quaint. Only problem? The entire forecast is crammed with rain.

"Hey, maybe you'll meet a girl," Liam says, nudging my shoulder.

"Thanks for the encouragement," I say, rolling my eyes.

"Im just saying. You act like this trip is a bad thing. But it may end up being pretty great for you. Just wait."

I smile at him. Thank god he's so persuasive. Otherwise, I would've spent the entire time in the hotel room, updating twitter and posting pathetic instagram pictures.

"Alright," Paul says as the car slows to a stop. " Welcome to Jackson, ladies." We all laugh and clamber out of the van. I stumble to the ground and look up at the lodge. Wow. It's really nice. "Hello," I turn around and see a woman and a girl I suppose is her daughter walk out of the lodge. They're both dressed in sweaters and jeans and ugg boots, obviously adjusted to the cool mountain air.

"My name is Rosemary Bauman, owner of the Jackson Hole Lodge. And this is my daughter, Anna," the woman says in a western accent.

"Hello, Mrs. Bauman. I'm Paul Higgins, One Direction's manager," Paul says, shaking Rosemary's hand.

"Its nice to meet you Paul. Welcome to Jackson."

Paul follows Rosemary into the lodge and the boys and I open the trunk to get out our luggages. Anna walks over and begins rolling my luggage to the doors. I smile and run to catch up with her.

"Hey, I'm Harry," I say.

"Hi, Harry. I'm Anna," she says, without looking at me.

"Harry Styles, of One Direction," I say, hoping to catch her attention.

"Oh yeah? Is that supposed to impress me?" 

I smirk. I like this girl.

"Well I just... I mean... kinda," I say, holding the door open for her.

"Don't get your hopes up, Sweetie. I've never even heard of One Direction. And the last thing I need is some rich city boy trying to sway me for the next three months. Enjoy your stay at Jackson Hole Lodge," she says, turning up to look at me. She smiles as she hands me my room key and I smile back. I watch as she walks in the opposite direction of the suites.

"Over that way is the residential area, otherwise called my house. Its where Anna and I live. We're on lodge grounds 24/7...." Rosemary explains to Paul. I start to block her out and focus on the door that Anna just walked through.

"The Last thing I need is a rich city boy to sway me." Her words tumble around in my head. She better get ready, then.

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