Yellow Fields

It's 1918. World War One is coming up to four years; and seems like it will never end...

Private Colin Brood is a twenty-one year old army soldier who has somehow made it through the many brutal years alive. Yet when a horrible turn of events happens and Colin is left injured; his friend even worse, will he have the courage of a General to save his friend's life?


7. Decisions

Those two whole hours of waiting for Alan to wake up were the longest. Not the two when I was shooting at the enemy non-stop. Not the two when I had to sit waiting in the doctors surgery when I had cut my arm in my playful childhood days. No. This was the longest. And all the while I had lay there meaninglessly, watching Alan sleep; knowing that when he woke he would be confronted with the most smallest, yet hardest sentence that would change his life forever- and there was nothing I could do.

Should I be the one to tell him his fate? After all, I was his only friend and the one person he could rely on in the world: he'd made that quite clear thoughout the many years we had spent with each other. But I couldn't bring myself to burden him with such news; despite my adopted "parental" role I had recently assigned to myself. Although I wouldn't want him to find out any other way...

I contemplated the decisions, wondering what Alan would think of it all. I knew it would break his already shattered heart; as it would for any man in their right mind. But I know Alan- more than anyone else. I know his whole world would collapse, just like my hope did not so long ago, well, I guess it secretly vanished a while back.

I peered at Alan again, silently sleeping like an angel under all those covers- and suddenly I knew the right decision. I felt that same pang I had when I thought of my Parents; although this time it was a lot more upsetting. I knew what I was going to do.


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