Dear you .

Dear you..
I'm near you .
Could you see me ?
I want to talk to you.
But would you hear me ?


1. Imaginary.

September 20th.

Dear you, 

Is my birthday today, I just hope it would be different this time,I'm finally 16... But what does age matter ? I will always be my self. I won't magically turn into someone else.

I wish I could.

I just wish one day I could look in the mirror and be proud of what I see. 

Don't you just ever look at your self at the mirror and think ''why you were born like this?'', and you just know you are crushing your self and giving your self more pain just by thinking that .




I walked through the school gates, I was keeping my head low as always, I put my hair in a pony tale and made sure my skirt was not too short, I straightened my school jumper a little and just kept on walking holding my books close to my chest. 

Just keep on walking,

and walking... 

and walking... 


I came to my class, I sighed. I took a deep breath before I entered. 


look up, stop being afraid. 

you are better than everyone in this room. 

you can do this . Just Look. Up.


I closed my eyes tight trying to let the words sink in, 


you know I am right ... 

Just look up . 


"No", I whispered,I kept my head low and walked to my desk, I took out my school notes and just started doodling on my hand. Mr Clark stared to talk about the lesson, I tried concentrating but I was busy doodling . Me + you, I wrote.



Who is "you?"


She was right, who is "you?", am I the "you" or ...-- someone slammed their hand on my desk, interrupting my thoughts, I looked up seeing a angry pair of eyes staring down at me."You missy have detention". Mr Clark said . I quickly nodded and said "sorry". 

Sorry ? Huh ! you make me laugh 

He Just gave you detention, he is the one that should be saying "sorry". 

"Just stop. Just seriously stop" . I stood up pushing my desk away from me covering my ears. I looked around seeing strange glances looking towards me. "Miss Lorraine ?", Mr Clark looked at me confusion, I just stood and stared back. Everyone started giggling . So I ran. I ran  away from class. 

You showed them you are weak. 

You deserve the pain .

Who are you ? Just leave me alone !, I banged my head against my locker.

Who am I ? 

I am you.






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