Everything about you

Siena and Louis have been together for six months. They are in their last year of high school along with some tore very close friends. Siena and Louis have planned out their whole future together, but in the last few months of high school things start to get bad. When Siena's worst enemy Chelsea starts getting flirty with Louis when she is off ill, she assumes the worst. But suddenly Siena's ex boyfriend shows up. What will happen when Louis sees the two of them together?


1. The school run

I stood at my window waiting for him to arrive. My parents had left for work and my siblings for school or collage. I stood tapping my foot impatiently. I decided to give my self a quick once over in the full length mirror next to the door. I pulled my denim jeans up a bit more and pulled my navy jumper down over my hands. My red/brown hair looked fine. I had dyed it only the night before and it had turned out pretty good for my first go. I moved some things out the way of the foot of the mirror to check my feet. My white converse pumps where brand new and I just knew they weren't going to stay this white for very long. My name is Siena by the way. I'm in year 12 so I don't really have a dress code for school. I was Finally ready to go when I heard a knock at the door. I flung it open straight away. And there stood my definition of perfection. Louis Tomlinson. My beautiful boyfriend. He had been away in Spain for the past three weeks so he was very tanned. It had been strange him not picking my up for school. I had missed him so much. As soon as I opened the door I jumped at him. He caught my back as I wrapped my legs around his waist and buried my head into his shoulder. "I've missed you so much!" I said in to his broad shoulder. He ran his hand down the small of my back and inhaled the cent from my hair. "I've missed you to babe." He said slowly. I jumped down and grabbed my school bag from by the door. We walked down my empty drive towards his Minnie that was parked on the curb. As I was about to get in the passenger side of the car he pulled my waist around so that I was facing him. "Come here you!" He exclaimed. He pulled me in close and pressed his lips to mine passionately. God I'd missed that. You know how they say you don't realise how good you've got something until it's gone? I felt like that, only my special thing was back and now going anywhere again....

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