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Siena and Louis have been together for six months. They are in their last year of high school along with some tore very close friends. Siena and Louis have planned out their whole future together, but in the last few months of high school things start to get bad. When Siena's worst enemy Chelsea starts getting flirty with Louis when she is off ill, she assumes the worst. But suddenly Siena's ex boyfriend shows up. What will happen when Louis sees the two of them together?


4. Stopping the night.

After my last lesson, I met up with Louis at the front gates. He waited by his car and smiled as I approached him. We swiftly climbed into his car and set off for my house. "I've clarified with my mom that you are coming over, otherwise she might think something strange is going on..." I said, watching his expression turn very happy. "Actually, I told her your parents were out of town tonight and tomorrow night so she offered for you to stay with us..." I said hanging my head, a little ashamed. He chuckled to himself. "Okay, I'll call my mom.." he Laughed. we were at my house soon and no body was home yet. good thing I had my own key. when we were inside I threw my bag down by the door and he did too. I strolled over into the kitchen when my phone started ringing. "hello?" I said when I picked it up, "Siena.." my moms voice came from the other end. "oh, hey mom what's up?" I said "me and your dad are going out tonight and obviously josh is bunking with Sophie tonight so you two will have the house to your-selves." my mom informed me. a smile grew wide across my face and Louis gave me a strange look, "But don't get doing anything you shouldn't! and if you do.." she lowered her voice "You know what to use..." "MOM!" I exclaimed down the phone, "Well.." she laughed "We Might stay in this hotel tomorrow as well so if we aren't back you will know what's going on.." she added. "Okay, See You mom." I Said and hung up. I dropped my phone on the kitchen counter, and turned to Louis.. "Who was that?" he asked, walking closer to me. "My Mom," I said still smiling, "We've got the house to our selves tonight and all tomorrow, and tomorrow night.." I Said throwing my arms around his neck. his smile widened too. Suddenly he swooped me off my feet and into his arms, he kissed me slowly and carried me over to the sofa.

A few hours later, Louis and I sat on the sofa, not moving from our embrace. but soon Louis got up, "where are you going?" I moaned as he got up. "to get your gift..." he smirked. I moaned even more and threw a pillow over my face, "I Don't like you spending money on my Louis!" I said into the pillow. "I didn't spend that much..." she said from across the room. I pulled it off my face and he was in front of me. he had a very small box in his hand, not like the size of a ring box but, not very much bigger. He handed it over to me and I pulled the lid off slowly. I gasped as I opened it. A pair of diamond studded earing and a long diamond necklace where in the box. "didn't spend much my arse!" I exclaimed loudly. "They're bloody DIAMONDS!" Louis just smiled at me. he loved it when I was like this. "here," he said taking the necklace out of the box, "turn around," I shuffled round in my seat and lifted my hair out of the way. she swiftly clipped it on and I released my hair. I turned back to face him and studied the necklace which, I had to say, looked beautiful on top of my skin. "Its beautiful..." I whispered, "Thanks Babe.." I pulled him  into a tight hug and he kissed my head, "I wouldn't exactly use the word beautiful.." he said as we pulled way from each other, "not when you are sitting here in comparison..." I smiled at him.

At about ten o'clock, I decided to go up to bed, Louis followed. of cores he would be sleeping in with me but I was not ready for anything yet, and neither was he. I slipped into the kitchen and flicked the kettle on, "What are you doing?" he said quietly studding my actions. I reached for my mug and a tea bag. "oh, I can't go to bed without a cup of tea.." I said my freckled cheeks blushing. "That's really cute..." He Smiled. When my tea was ready I took Louis up to my room and we got ready for bed. I went to fetch Louis some of josh's spare Pyjama bottoms.. unfortunately, josh didn't have any pyjama tops.. I dressed into my night vest and shorts and climbed into my double bed, Louis right beside me. we stayed up for about another half an hour so that I could drink my tea then we both went off into a dreamy sleep.


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