Everything about you

Siena and Louis have been together for six months. They are in their last year of high school along with some tore very close friends. Siena and Louis have planned out their whole future together, but in the last few months of high school things start to get bad. When Siena's worst enemy Chelsea starts getting flirty with Louis when she is off ill, she assumes the worst. But suddenly Siena's ex boyfriend shows up. What will happen when Louis sees the two of them together?


5. starbucks and the cinima.

Louis POV: Once Siena had fallen asleep, I stared at the celling for a while, just thinking.. I wanted to do something really special for her, but I couldn't think of anything. Just then, I herd her stir. I lightly placed my hand on her waist and whispered to her, "Siena?" I said slowly, she was just turning in her sleep.. but then she said something. "Louis..." she mumbled my name. at first I thought he had woken up, but she was just sleep talking. I continued to listen to what she was saying, she must have been dreaming about having a convocation with me. "Yes.." she said, "Of cores.." I listened harder to see if I could understand what she was saying yes to.. " I will marry you.." she finally said. that made me smile. even though it was just a dream, she was dreaming about marrying me. then I had a great idea. I quietly slipped out of bed and crept down stairs. I tip toed into her study where she had her desk of papers and things and her electric key board in the corner of the room. I grabbed a bit of paper and a pencil and sat down at the key board, I plugged in the big head phones and began to play around with some chord's...

Siena's POV: I woke up the next morning on my own. I sat up quickly and looked around me. "Louis?" I said to myself. I crept out of bed and down stairs. I saw that my study door was open. Louis was asleep in his chair, with the keyboard head phones over his ears. I crept over to the keyboard and threw all my fingers down on the high pitched notes. he shot up out his seat with a little yelp. I couldn't contain my laughter.  "Very funny.." he said pulling the headphones off and pulling me onto his lap. "So what do you want to do today?" He asked Sweetly. I thought about it for a second then remembered that I really wanted to see a new love film. "There Is A new Film I would Like To See.." I Said. He Agreed so we went off and got ready to go. When we were ready, he carried me out to the car in his arms. 

The cinema wasn't that busy so we quickly got our seats, That Louis paid for even though I said that I Was going to pay, and I snuggled under his arm. "Are You Okay?" he Made sure as the adverts began to roll on the screen. I Nodded my head under his arm and we relaxed and watched the movie. the movie was really sweet and romantic. so I Wasn't so sure what Louis thought of it. when we got out of the theatre I Found that I  was crying at the film. "What's the matter?" Louis said in concern when h noticed the liquid streaming down my face. "Its a Romantic movie.. I Cry at romantic movies.." I laughed, more to myself. We drove home discussing our favourite parts in the movie. "I liked it when he proposed.." I said Quietly. for some reason, I kept having dreams about me and Louis getting married.. they were always the same; We were out on the beach, everybody in the most beautiful coloured dresses and suits. Louis would be at the end of the isle, his perfect windswept hair blowing in the summer breeze, then I would walk down the isle with my dad at my arm. My dress would be slim fit with a big white rose at the hip, and a flouncy split at the side, showing my leg and bare feet. my hair would be in a plat that goes around my head like a headband and the rest perfectly curled... I Sighed as I realized that was just a fantasy... 

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