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Siena and Louis have been together for six months. They are in their last year of high school along with some tore very close friends. Siena and Louis have planned out their whole future together, but in the last few months of high school things start to get bad. When Siena's worst enemy Chelsea starts getting flirty with Louis when she is off ill, she assumes the worst. But suddenly Siena's ex boyfriend shows up. What will happen when Louis sees the two of them together?


2. Exactly six months?

"Morning!" Said my best friend Kristen as I got out of Louis' car. Kristen had been my best friend since year 1 of primary school. She was very cool. She was very smart and was very good with dates. Like Callander dates not boy and girl dates. "Congratulations you two!" She said as me and Louis walked over to her, our hands tangled together. "what?" I asked raising my eyebrows. "It exactly six months today you two started dating!" She announced sweetly. See what I mean? "Really?" Louis said looking down at me. "Yep!" Kristen clarified. "And to celebrate I am throwing a party at my house on Friday night!" She said excitedly.  Louis and I just laughed and walked off to English together with Kristen on our tail telling us all about her party plans. 

When we arrived at English everyone was already in the room waiting for the teacher. Louis went to the back of the room to his little group of friends. Most girls don't like their boyfriend's friends but I actually really like these lot. They all have their own little thing that makes me laugh. First there's Zayn Malik. He is very funny. He is one of those people who comes up with little songs and phrases about people. When Louis and his other friend Harry Styles first met they were really close so Zayn mixed their names together to create 'Larry Stylinson' it was pretty funny and stuck for a while, until Louis and I started dating the. Every one sort of stopped. Then you have Niall Horan. He is little, blonde and Irish and very cute, in a puppy sort of way. Every word he says is funny because of his accent. Next there's Liam Payne. He is really sweet and is sort of the one who keeps the lads in there place. He isn't very local either, he is from Wolverhampton. And Finally you have Harry Styles. A vert kind boy with chocolate brown curls and bright green eyes. I'd say Louis and Harry are the closest. 

I then stumbled over to my little possy of girls. There was me, Kristen Blakely, Alexis Reed, Nikki Lowe and Melly Moore. We all have been really good friends for a long time. You have already met Kristen so I will start with Alexis. Alexis Reed is very clever! She had bright orange hair and is always getting top marks in her work. She was being picked on in year 7 for being a nerd so me and the girls sort of adopted her. Next you have Nikki Lowe. I love Nikki but she can be a bit aggressive at times. It's really weird though, she is amazingly pretty and girly but get on the wrong side of her she turns nasty and evil! It's very freaky. Finally you have Melly Moore. Melly is really cool, she transferred form America because her mom moved over here. She till goes ever so often to see her dad and she will always bring us back American sweets and gifts. 

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