Everything about you

Siena and Louis have been together for six months. They are in their last year of high school along with some tore very close friends. Siena and Louis have planned out their whole future together, but in the last few months of high school things start to get bad. When Siena's worst enemy Chelsea starts getting flirty with Louis when she is off ill, she assumes the worst. But suddenly Siena's ex boyfriend shows up. What will happen when Louis sees the two of them together?


3. Enemies

Monday mornings always fly by for me. First wee have english, then maths. After break my year are helping the year 8s in P.E so Monday really goes quite quickly for me. Me and the girls sat in our usual stop... Exactly next to Louis table. There was a long table of ten in the corner of the canteen so we sort of just took it over. Me and the girls went up to get our lunch and Kristen was Still talking about the party she was planning for me and Louis. I want and sat back down next to Harry and opposite Louis who had already tucked into his lunch. As I sat down, Harry flung one arm around me and pulled me into his chest. "Jealous Lou?" Harry said cheekily. Louis smiled an nodded at me. Then I twisted Harry's nipple and he imidiently let me free. "That's my girl" Louis said, high Fiving me across the table. As the rest of the girls sat down, the most evil human being you will ever come across walked upto Louis.Chelsea Street. She  smoothed her hands Dow the front of Louis shirt until her lips were level with his ear. "Hello" she whispered. Louis just sighed and looked me in the eye as if to say 'sorry about her' "hasn't your mommy ever told you," Nikki butted in standing up, "that you should never hit on a guy who has already got a girl?" She smirked. Chelsea stood back up straight and I reached my hand out across the table to grab Louis. "What would you know about hitting on guys?" Chelsea snapped. But Nikki stayed cool. "At least no men would have to pay me to get my clothes off.." She said calmly eying Chelsea's tight Minnie dress. Chelsea scoffed and stormed off in a history fit 

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